April 30, 2009

firecrackers my good friend marie has me on her mobile as firecracker.

I came home tonight and had a mini explosion.

a few sparks went off regarding what’s happening in my buddhist district!!!!!


at the cash point, the homeless guy kept asking me for a hug, he said i looked stressed!

i was, funds that were there had disappeared and i had a phonecall from an important payment telling me the money wasn’t there when i banked it myself!

he kept asking for a hug, i kept saying no, and then he said what about if it was his birthday, and i replied let me guess? that’s today.

on the train home i thought i was gonna cry.

or call fabiana and MOAN, MOAN, MOAN, when i’m not meant to be doing that.

why isn’t this happening, i’m doing this, i’m trying sooooooo0000000 hard.

rant , rant, rant!

instead i decided to breathe, an the man opposite me said you look tired.

great that makes’s me feel ALOT  better.

then he said no you look good.


then he said you look spoilt.

and i said GOOD!!!!!!!!

p.s. my funds were there!



April 29, 2009

buddha18 Had the women’s buddhist meet at mine tonight, first time hosting for me!

Cake was baked and i rushed home from angel only realizing on the overground train, i meant to buy more yoghurt.

I toyed with RUSHING to the deli to buy more and then thought, ENOUGH!

Too much zipping here there and everywhere.

The women on the train said sometime’s what you’ve done is enough. I’ll say!

My negativity was rumbling when i got home all through my  spritz of a shower and until the meet i thought.

What i would GIVE for a night chilling.

It was so fantastic, i sooooooo enjoyed it and being hostess with the mostest!

It was de  lovely to have them!


cimg1825 Went to the Groucho today, haven’t been for ages and have always loved it!

Had a meeting there.

When i arrived it wasn’t looking it’s best on the outside, scaffolding and old mattresses outside! Not very glamourous.

As i waited for the member to arrive a funny scene played out with reception and a random polish irate young man who wandered in off the street looking for some social service.

He demanded they find him number ? on dean street as he couldn’t find it, they were polite in that RUDE way which is really horrible and i’ve been guilty of it myself.


He started shouting and demanded they phone the place for him as he didn’t have a mobile.

I felt like giving him mine.

This town can be stressful!

Anyway he left quietly and i had my meeting.

Hot chocolate and lots of nodding and don’t know if I’m interested.

Even though i should be on paper at this stage.

Later going down oxford street i got my high heel caught in a grate, great.

A very sweet man came to my rescue, no not handsome,and retrieved it. Even placed a bag on the ground so i could rest my foot.

In the jennifer lopez movie they were jimmy choo’s and she falls in love ( with a handsome guy) if Matthew McConaughey is your type. 

Gotta bake a cake, lemon for the women’s meet at mine tomorrow.

I’m hosting.


bettie-page-2 kate sent me this image yesterday, with a note saying she is  finding it super inspiring.

It’s Bettie Page and kate’s new hero.

I googled her and found out she was a 1950’s Pin Up, who died in December 2008.

Penniless, after becoming a born again christian , and going slightly bonkers.

I love this quote from her

‘ I’m very sorry that when i turned my life over to the lord jesus in january 1959, i threw out all my net-stockings and bikini’s- some from Fredrick’s of hollywood”.

Asparagus Beach

April 26, 2009

monroe-marilyn-001 I came across these pictures a couple of months ago and loved loved loved them, had no idea who took them and today in the Sunday’s there is an article about an exhibition of the photographers work starting in london this week. Proud Galleries, 32 John Adam Street WC2.Sam Shaw, a life long new yorker who died in 1999 .

They were taken on asparagus beach, amagansett part of the hamptons.

Marilyn was driving a jeep and always getting it stuck in the sand.

It is now so on my list of places to visit!!!

The closest i’ve come so far is long island july 4th 2004, picnic with ellis and alex and friends.  Bridget did the martha steward of picnic’s!  Ellis took one of my  favorite photo’s of me which i post at the end.

I know he was annoyed with me that day as i was desperate to get near the sea, and i think he thought i was rude and impatient!

I’d been starved of swimming!

I has just bought that prada bikini and still adore it!!!

I will go to the gallery as i have been totally slack about seeing any exhibitions, life has been my excuse!!!

Also Mad Men lost out to sex and the city series two, i’m still revisiting.

Carrie is at the hampton’s in the best beach outfit ever.

Surfer shorts and bikini top.

Stealing that look too!!!

My lazy day has turned into lazy much needed weekend with two hour phone call to my coolest of cool mum who is helping me out this week via my bank account.

She get’s her psychic reading thursday and were both so excited!!!!

I have to start chanting for a new home for her as she doesn’t love her’s like i do mine.

She’s more a modern type of gal!

I swear sometimes i could kiss the floors.



April 25, 2009

cimg1820 The sun is just beginning to come out after the rain, i was going to get up for an early meet but instead listened to my body and am having a stay at home day.

No rushing!!!!!

Long bath and then pampering.

Shall watch Mad Men Series One, i’m up to Disc 3, and mad about it!

Went to a buddhist meet last night, my group is already getting better!!

One of my favorite men was there and he said i’m looking more joyful which i agree with.

Afterwards kate and i went for a drink in the Union because it’s close and we can talk, on the way she commented on this image and how much she loves it! It’s advertising Royal Ascot. She thinks the women resembles a horse (we don’t mean that in a bad way)!

We ate chunky fries and had a catch up.

Kate missed spotting Kim Cattrall when she was out in Chelsea, she just thought her boyfriend was ogling the older women at the next table so didn’t take any notice.

When we left kate was sporting her ripped tight look which i really like.

Next is the Dolce Gabbanna dress she eyed in selfridges yesterday.


April 23, 2009

cimg1812 So the idea of signs?

 When i was in sydney  i went to a evening with jessica adams an astrologer i really like.

She spends half her time in here and half in sydney.

Part of the evening was writing down your goals for the next year, and then she told us to look for signs in the next few days regarding what we wrote.

The very next day i went to visit a friend and crossing over in the harbor by ferry a huge ocean liner went past with alexandra written on it.

Still haven’t figured that one out and my lovely friend james (who makes a mean paella) whom i was staying with and is very dubious of all my spiritual escapes was listening to the radio when someone came on and dedicated it to alexandra in london.

When i returned to london the above car appeared and comes and goes out of my life since then.

I see it as another sign and also that the universe has a sense of humor!

I dont want to give away all my goals and wishes for that year as i have still not achieved them.

In relation to the car, my last failed romance??? was with someone who wished to buy said vehicle although probably not pink I’m guessing and he would not dump his long distance girlfriend in italy???

Go figure?????

And yes a happy marriage is on the list!!!


Stop nagging

April 22, 2009

cimg1809 Tanya and i walked past this sign.She said more like men pissing about.

I  like tanya’s twists on things, her make believe festival programme i found by accident one day, with some of her favourite artists featured, bjork, p.j. harvey and i’m like what no madonna??

She told me about sophie calle                                                                       who i had never heard off and promply googled. 

And discovered we both liked tracey emin.

Do your art, do your art, do your art.

Park Life

April 21, 2009

Walking through the park early evening. Full of people drinking and enjoying what had been a glorious day.

All the years i’ve lived here i still haven’t truly taken to park life, all those crowds!

I used to jog in hyde park when i first arrived.

Till i got hit by a black cab en route and sort of lost the enthusiasm.

Could never get used to the whole deck chair thing and even weirder that you had to pay for them, like being on a bus.

Too far removed from grass and the whole point for me.

Swimming at the lido i love, which i discovered many years later.

But best of all is driving through, years before, jackie in her m.g. and me holding my beloved tom dixon star light, the last item in my moving house that day.

Couples Kicking Off Their Shoes While Laying in the Park on a Sunny Spring Day Photographic Print by Cornell Capa

fass_madonna_11_h As i was flicking through the sunday’s yesterday i came across yet another article on madonna, with pic’s from the W shoot. This image did stop my random flicking and chatting, wow, i asked the two girls, one to my left and one to my right, have you ever slept with a man with a body like that?

Both answered no. He reminds me of statues i’ve seen in roma but never in my bed either!