Room service? Send up a larger room.

April 28, 2009


cimg1825 Went to the Groucho today, haven’t been for ages and have always loved it!

Had a meeting there.

When i arrived it wasn’t looking it’s best on the outside, scaffolding and old mattresses outside! Not very glamourous.

As i waited for the member to arrive a funny scene played out with reception and a random polish irate young man who wandered in off the street looking for some social service.

He demanded they find him number ? on dean street as he couldn’t find it, they were polite in that RUDE way which is really horrible and i’ve been guilty of it myself.


He started shouting and demanded they phone the place for him as he didn’t have a mobile.

I felt like giving him mine.

This town can be stressful!

Anyway he left quietly and i had my meeting.

Hot chocolate and lots of nodding and don’t know if I’m interested.

Even though i should be on paper at this stage.

Later going down oxford street i got my high heel caught in a grate, great.

A very sweet man came to my rescue, no not handsome,and retrieved it. Even placed a bag on the ground so i could rest my foot.

In the jennifer lopez movie they were jimmy choo’s and she falls in love ( with a handsome guy) if Matthew McConaughey is your type. 

Gotta bake a cake, lemon for the women’s meet at mine tomorrow.

I’m hosting.



One Response to “Room service? Send up a larger room.”

  1. kate said

    lovin the blog doll, its juicier with every entry!
    i think you might be right i think i should start one.x

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