eye candy

May 31, 2009


281027g1vnfjm1xli went to get my hair cut by colleen.

it was getting way tooooo long and thick and now in the last few days when it feels like super summer, time to lose a few inches.

we sat on her balcony and caught up.

she said i’m so american(she meant in manner).

colleen showed me her latest pair of skinny jeans which she look fabulous in and the recent state of her organized and less wardrobe after a feng shiu attack.

now ready for the universe to bring new items!

we went for coffee on portobello rd.

me feeling so much lighter and brighter thanks to colleens magic!

a women who could dress, spend and do exactly as she pleased.



May 29, 2009

98d/41/huty/12836/jcf0114mso roisin and i decided to go for a glass of wine.

i had this idea of where i wanted to go and we wandered up and down upper street, islington and i could not find it.

we found something with nice vibes and empty.

perfect we thought for a quiet drink.

as we chatted on.

i chose rose and my glass of ice, i always put lot’s of ice in my rose.

roisin said they do that in cannes.

so on we chatted and before long the whole place was packed, we decided to eat.

such nice ambience.

a photographer asked to take our photo for time out  i said no.

till the large party behind us who were getting louder, the more shots they downed,were up on there chairs dancing, accompanied by greek music and clapping waiters. encouraging roisin and i to join in.

no we didn’t.

i missed one gal dancing on the cleared table.

all in celebration of an upcoming wedding.

we left.

when we decided shouting to be heard wasn’t our scene.

with a congradulations to the bride to be. and fun had by all!!!!

the women

May 28, 2009


3147531713_5e11a2377eo.k. so the good news is i’m really liking my women’s buddhist meets.

went to one last night and on the way i had “one of those day’s”.

holly golightly called it the mean red’s for me maybe mid blue?

anyway it was where is my new ?

enough already!

today this morning i felt totally different, super sunny!

and i’m sure sure sure in FACT with out a doubt it was because i went to my meet.

i doddled.

i wrote my ideal life and my ideal date why not!

everything starts as a dream.

so yesterday i was off to mayfair and a bit of pampering,

dia colour and my usual stack of magazines.

usually i avoid conversations but i had a sweet young gay boy looking after me who i didn’t mind asking me the odd ????

elle was in tatler and i really loved some of the things she said.

elle-cameras_800865cthe title is in reference to how the credit crunch is affecting her.

oh HOW and i mean how do i hate that word!!

barry and i used to joke it was a new cereal.

but by far the best was her answer  to who would you call in a crisis?

i would call on my higher self and go with my gut extinct!



May 26, 2009

i watched splendor in the grass yesterday as part of the newly released natalie wood box set. never seen it before.

i was told i would cry at the end but didn’t.

it was sad but it didn’t make me cry.

i loved the movie, and natalie’s look in it.


very fresh and modern.

there l.o.v.e. was sweet and i thought they were involved in real life you could feel it when you watched them together.

at the time natalie was married for the first time to robert wagner and her affair meant they divorced.

i loved the photography, opening scene is amazing!

also the way bud would gesture to deanne with his head instead of talking.

he also did that in the final scene.

when he says how good it is to see her.

someone always says that to ME!!!!!!

for me the movie was about courage.

for a happy life it is essential and for great l.o.v.e. too!!!!!

ritakonigyesterday i cooked a belated birthday lunch for karen.

i went to my local farmers market for the first time in ages in the morning and wondered why it’s been so long when it’s just 5 minutes from my house.

there was someone i didn’t feel like seeing who worked there and guess what when i finally didn’t care he wasn’t there.

no not a old flame!

i bought fresh strawberries, flowers that i smelt when i when to sleep and milk fresh from the farm that was so delicious in our coffee we both had two.

i made asparagus with parmesan and balsamic, squid with bok choy and other goodies, jersey royals with fresh mint and broccoli with chilli.

started with champagne and strawberries.

ended with a kiddie chocolate cake complete with coloured candles.

i’m just about to have a slice.

and karen didn’t forget to make a wish!


dl-10-500x652so i’m thinking maybe i will get french vogue as i love the helena christianson shoot titled Boheme en Prose.

i did a new murial board whilst listening to lilly allens new album.

and the pictures would add to it.

i did the meet (last night) and kept my mouth shut.

eyes closed.

and couldn’t get otta of there fast enough.

have arranged to meet a buddhist leader for a chat next week.

i was a girl on a food shop today.

just me and my list.

all thats missing is fresh flowers and cherries!


today i went to greenwich for a meet, yes another one!!! and then i went to the marilyn and audrey exhibition at proud galleries. so wanted to own my favorite marilyn image and made a vow one day i would. didn’t like the audrey images at all.

they were playing marilyn music in the gallery and i now want to buy one of her albums.

when i left i was heading towards agnes b, and went past the national portrait gallery and spotted the gerhard richter exhibition which ends on the 31st may.

so i followed my gut feeling and went in.

wow!!!!! WOW. WOW!

these are portraits beginning from 1963, photo pictures, paintings made from photographs.

he projects copies of photos onto canvas, traces them in pencil, then fills them out in paint.

often called the best living painter.

the paintings took my breath away, and i went around the exhibition three times 

G_Richter_Frau_Niepenberg(0)which is alot for me.

the last image  is of a large mirror, i thought shows he has a sense of fun.

“i never worked at painting as if it were a job, it was always out of interest or for fun, a desire to try something”.

i now want to get a book of his titled “the daily practice of painting” after i finish the three next in line.

i leave you with wise words from above mentioned book.

“one has to believe in what one is doing, one has to commit oneself inwardly in order to do painting. once obsessed, one ultimately carries it to the point of believing that one might change human beings through painting. but if one lacks the passionate commitment, there is nothing to do. then it is best to leave it alone”.

I’m off to a buddhist meet when again i’m not loving my district.

it seems to come and go like waves.

i looked at french vogue and didn’t like may issue, will check out june.

also love how the first painting betty is on it’s side, i did that with some pictures and elaine said rotate, which i did, but now may not when the mood strikes.


carine_roitfeld_1143740859_1169155220i watched carine roitfeld revealed on c.n.n. in march.

today there was an article in the guardian which i found as i ate lunch.

now it’s the next day as my computer decided it didn’t want to work last night as i did my post.

i got up at 4a.m.!!!!!! i know early start as i wanted to do this before i went to work.

so back to carine!!

these are quotes by her that i like (including the title).

“i HATE garbage. i try to edit edit EDIT.”

she has a beautiful empty apartment.

“but i am not french but parisian”.

You’d say she had a very french directness.

“jeans are for her assistants”

she only wears on holidays with flats even though they suit her.

“it’s like when you squeeze a lemon too hard you run out of juice.me i have plenty of juice”

the benefits of a rich husband although technically they are not married.

i tried to buy french vogue on the way home yesterday but sold out, will start adding to my uk and and american versions.


GL_05_singlekate called me tonight to let me know she had found her future shop.

she said it’s in angel, the size of a cupboard and used to be a little candy shop.

she took a picture and we decided it’s not future but IS HER SHOP!

then we talked about our artist dates for this week.

i’m going to the marilyn exhibition, and kate is having a long bubble bath with a glass of chardonnay, two candles and slinky french music.

vivienne’s worlds end shop was my first shop around the corner in london.