i got up and chanted with keeley this morning and we did an hour for the womens division….

i answered the door straight from bed in my pajama’s.

i had to stay up late and watch the jonathan ross repeat from friday with johnney depp on promoting alice in wonderland.

keeley saw him in the supermarket last year and said he just excudes cool!

after i watched a place in the sun with elizabeth taylor.

i got the sundays and have been chilling.

now its yoga and cleaning the apartment.

i’ve put it off long enough!


so my talk with my boss went o.k.

she arrived in her cossack hat which i love and said they want to extend my trail period for another two months.

it’s a money thing!

i was fine with that…which she said surprised her as she thought i might tell her to piss off….her words not mine.

she was direct and upfront as always which i love…

i still adore and like her soooooooooooooo much…..

i felt fine and then when i woke up this morning there was a kernel of ….there lucky to have me????

immediately i rang and booked my name change as i got a unexpected amount of money and was going to indulge in a new handbag or other treats….

but instead invested in my future…

this could buy me a million handbags……

i wanted to do it last year….but didn’t have the cash.

so it is done…

i get my first installment in two weeks.

he’s amazing….and his assessments of people and there names amazing!!

i spoke to him about my job situation and he said stay my happy self and not to worry…..who knows what will come up for me in two months.

he said peoples life change overnight from this.

i’m so excited!!!

he said i’m meant to be doing my singing……

i also got him to analyze the man i’m smitten on…. name….

he said there is an attraction between us and he will be ready for love after his birthday….

it’s VERY soon!!!

he asked for my bosses name and he said she’s really kind….that i know…he said even too kind for business!

after i grabbed my umbrella and dashed to the meet.

enjoyed as always!

after met jenni for hot chocolate….

went to space nk for treats….

laura mercier creme brulee bubble bath as i’m just about out and they gave me lots of fabulous hair  samples.

wanted to buy francois nars belle du jour lipstick (thought of you ellis) but they were out so will call me when its in stock next week.

jenni came back to mine for a hypnosis session…

it was lovely!!!

now i’m chilling.

called ellis and he was dashing out to meet alex and celebrate there fifth anniversary….i think he said number 5.


i was getting a bit worried today as  my trial period is up….and i felt nervous about it.

talk with my boss tomorrow.

i rang a friend….chanted…..did yoga…..

and now i feel the opposite and very trusting.

i love the way your face looks after yoga…

so great!!!

off to work now in the rain.

it’s about love and hope

February 23, 2010

I’m writing this as i eat cheese and toast on vogels bread after just coming back from a meet….

i have watched the marc jacobs show three times …..it would be more if i had the time….and shall be…

i love everything about it….

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

the furry bags…..oooh how i want one…..

the look of the hair….

it’s what i’ve been into for the last year or so…

and it was all about air drying…

YES!….no hair dryers in sight!!!!!

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

sooooo gorgeous…….

meanwhile in life….my assistant has gone AWOL…..

and did not return from a two week holiday on monday….

that means i miss my buddhist meet tomorrow…

boo hoo…

now i REALLY want to go to them….

i pleaded with maddy today so i’ve got the weekend off…

she’s stepping in to help out….

otherwise i’m playing sade all the time at work….

and going with the flow…

apart from having my assistants boyfriend calling as she hasn’t contacted him either….

it was suggested i say she’s got a new lover….

somehow i don’t think that would help…

especially as her ex was on holiday at the same time as her…


at the meet someone said they were surprised  how relaxed i was about it…

what’s the point in not being???

although finding time to do my nails could be difficult?…

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

we just became kind of a pair

February 21, 2010

i’ve been busy…..my boss just got back from venice for a few day’s her daughter showed me a picture she had taken behind her napkin of brad and angelina.

they were dining at the same restaurant….and looked very much in love.

so much for the negative rumours.

i got a present from a customer…..sade’s new album as he works at sony records.

played it alot yesterday and finally did some music practice as i have been neglecting it.

watched some video footage of sade recording in the studio which was interesting.

with yoga and chanting, meets etc only so many hours in the day.

went to my meet as usual yesterday……loved it!!!!

got complimented on my hair….how healthy it looks thats thanks to my prune!

someone at the meet said they can understand why i like the person i do, and i said i’ve been chanting alot for his happiness she reminded me…..me first.

so today when i chant i’ll do that!

and not just today!

my happiness first.

after coffee and chat which i enjoyed and them home to watch bell book and candle a movie with the gorgeous kim novak about modern day witches and love.


feeling so happy at the moment.

today i’m taking it easy with a day at home…bliss!

went for a haircut last night nothing drastic just pruning.

the young boy who cut my hair is assistant to the head stylist who cuts anna wintours hair when she is in town.

she gets blow dried twice a day.

at the ritz of course!!

never a hair out of place.

personally i hate blowdrying, i let him do a teeny bit at the end because he was so sweet and took so much time getting it right.

then it was like ENOUGH!!!!

now yoga and chanting and then work.

i’m in love with london red post boxes and just the red of london.

i have a red postbox on my street corner.

maybe it’s the aftermath of valentines.

it’s such a hopeful colour……the colour of love.

one of my staff got a valentines from her dad which was really sweet and he called her to say how full of love he was for her…. too sweet.

not something my dad did……. i asked her if all italian dad’s did that.

he’s always got her a valentines since she was a kid…… she said no, just her dad…….he’s special!

we had a customer just back from paris yesterday….fresh off the eurostar…. who had a  proposal on valentines….sporting  a very chic diamond ring.

how romantic!!!

just got back from a meet……it rained all day and and i loved it.

i played lots of jazz at work and replayed billie holiday ALOT!!!

her version of love me or leave me which is amazing!!!!

caught the end of the brit awards……

yet another amazing outfit by lady gaga….

and robbies performance.

got to get communicating!!!

so the love day is over.

i had a huge sleep in which was needed.

i didn’t get a valentines…..but i’m glad i sent one.

just back from work……….

the owner put rose petals on the table.

ate the most delicious passionfruit pavlova that i have EVER tasted.

yoga is a lifesaver

February 13, 2010

went to the sat ur day meet and straight home after buying vegetables from the market.

wanted to do yoga and did…..took some effort to roll the mat out.

after full of energy and cleaned my apartment.

thats what i love about it……it’s similiar to chanting.

still sad about mr mcqeen.

i mentioned it to someone at the meet……on the surface he had so much to live for.

so sad!!!

she said it’s just things……and who knows how long he’d been struggling…..

he’ll go down in history as a great artist………

the pink sheep of the family

February 12, 2010

i was at work and googled to check our emails when i saw the news that alexander mcqueen was dead.

i couldn’t believe it.

i  happened to be  wearing a alexander mcqueen top at the time.

when i got home i googled to find out more as it didn’t make sense to me.

so terribly sad.

an amazing talent.

i’ve always loved his clothes.

and the shows!!!!!