April 25, 2009

cimg1820 The sun is just beginning to come out after the rain, i was going to get up for an early meet but instead listened to my body and am having a stay at home day.

No rushing!!!!!

Long bath and then pampering.

Shall watch Mad Men Series One, i’m up to Disc 3, and mad about it!

Went to a buddhist meet last night, my group is already getting better!!

One of my favorite men was there and he said i’m looking more joyful which i agree with.

Afterwards kate and i went for a drink in the Union because it’s close and we can talk, on the way she commented on this image and how much she loves it! It’s advertising Royal Ascot. She thinks the women resembles a horse (we don’t mean that in a bad way)!

We ate chunky fries and had a catch up.

Kate missed spotting Kim Cattrall when she was out in Chelsea, she just thought her boyfriend was ogling the older women at the next table so didn’t take any notice.

When we left kate was sporting her ripped tight look which i really like.

Next is the Dolce Gabbanna dress she eyed in selfridges yesterday.


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