sat ur day meet, coffee with adele and another friend after.

bought more pumpkins……my favorite vegetable stall had cobwebs and spider decorations.

adele wanted me to check out her doris day shoes but they’d sold out.

got home and helen barnes came to chant and chat and bought me teddy bear cookies.

we ate lamingtons from the grocer.

i told adele earlier about my ladybug i found on my pillow yesterday….just before i began cleaning.

i safely let him? her? out the window where it took flight immediately.

i love ladybugs and I’m into signs.

ladybugs denote love and luck.

asian tradition hold to the belief that if caught and then released, the ladybug will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in his/her ear. upon hearing the ladybugs message your true love will hurry his/her way to your side.

here’s hoping!!



i cleaned my apartment before i went to work.

i’ve got this thing about cleaning it on friday’s don’t ask me why.

then if i have the weekend off i can just RELAX.

i cleaned it while i had pillow talk playing.

i have seen that movie ALOT every now and then i revisit it.

i love doris day i think she’s ADORABLE, and her super sunny personality.

also i love the whole fifties look.

i’ll watch it properly later.

“……..i have a good job. a lovely apartment, i go out with very nice men to the best places, the finest restaurants, the theatre…..what am i missing?…”

“…….if you have to ask….believe me……your missing IT……”

l’amour unique

October 29, 2009


i got to work early…got the time wrong so sat and had a hot chocolate and read the guardian…..article about catherine millet and her new book on Jealousy.

she said in the article……”….we need to rid ¬†ourselves of the notion of l’amour unique. it’s not like that in real life. romantic love affairs generally end in tears…..’

personally she isn’t someone i’d take advise from and i still believe in true love and the happy ending….why not?????

and it definitely doesn’t include living with a husband who has affairs (in her case).

each to there own!!

i read the first installment of my guidance when i got home….ivette sent it to me yesterday…

he said i’m good at hitting the ball but not receiving…..

that LISTENING thing again.

just got out of the bath and smell of nutmeg and vanilla.


busy day beginning with ringing my mum.

doing bill paying and responsible things.

thanks to my mum!!!

i have got my mortgage lowered slightly…..yippee and another obligation lowered too.

feeling protected….feeling grateful.

then got ready to go to the buddhist womens meet.

jeans……i’ll be LIVING in them now winters here.

walked to the meet… it was so beautiful…LOVING all the leaves.

meet was great REALLy enjoyed… lots of compliments on my new bracelet.

it’s pretty special…..unusual colour and stone….i just love it.

H A P P Y.

paul smith-disneyi had a meet this morning…….not great…….don’t want it.

after i went to drop off my sweater at my favorite drycleaners across the road from colleen.

rang her bell and thought i would pop up for a herbal T.

she brought up the incident regarding reubens present and said i should have the voucher.

i was like O.K.


always happy to receive something from paul smith.

then she told me off…..for leaving ruebens party, that i SHOULD know what he likes.

i haven’t been spending enough time with him.

he doesn’t like paul smith, never mind ALL the previous items he loved.

i didn’t feel defensive.

stated my opinion.

which didn’t go down well.

that reubens behavior was brattish!!!

she asked me to leave.

i did wishing her a great day.

bought the most amazing bracelet from paul smith.

love love love it!!!

only having to add  15.oo pounds to my voucher so staying within the budget.

the women in front of me bought two AMAZING mickey mouse cushions plus a fabulous tray.

the assistant said he was lucky to get paul smith!!!

my sentiments exactly.

also bought two pumpkins…feel like having them around the house.

there so cute!!!


just back from my spiritual meet.



i watched a talk by elizabeth gilbert today that was emailed to me.

i loved it and how she voiced the change that needs to happen regarding artists and how we view ourselves.

i will add the link below.

very inspiring!!!!

in it she said halfway through eat pray love…she began to doubt her novel….that it was terrible and not just a bad book BUT the worst book she had ever written.

then she found herself talking to what she can only describe as her muse.

this is the basis of her talk.

she said i’m showing up… you better too!!! and not be flaky!!!

tonight at work…..i lifted the spirits of someone which is nice.

she said i should be a life coach.

i’m just viewing everything positively.

theres ALWAYS two sides.

Ellen Von Unwerth_lindsay_lohan_01

worked then came home to a bath and read the sunday times in there.

great photos of lindsay lohan, and looking forward to stella McCartney doing her bit at baby gap.

love stella’s clothes……but even i can’t squeeze into the size 12 kiddies…i think????

being very disciplined and focused at the moment.

ready to go back to work….proPerly.

as he said in my guidance i’m not looking for a job in the desert…..but london.

there’s LOADS!!!!


another long day at work and VERY busy.

just out of the bath.

have been having VERY vivid dreams about the man i like.

i wish i could meet a dream interpreter.

if someone asks me i ALWAYS give an interpretation.

have the beginnings of another new song….got the idea this morning writing my morning pages on the train.

“….how can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping and all our thoughts are a dream, or whether we are awake and talking to one another in the waking state…”


worked long day today.

came out into the reality of friday night.

on the train home me and the passenger opposite me were giggling about our adjacent neighbors.

a couple drunk, her sitting on him, and talking loudly and being annoying.


or she desperately needed to take acting classes, IMMEDIATELY.

made it home just in time for jonathan ross and writing this as it ends.

wanted to catch boy george talking about life after prison.

he had a ziggy stardust poster on his cell wall.

he was really sweet and said he’d been clean for two years and is really committed to his twelve step program.

and he’s going to be performing at a club that is alcohol free.

it serves juice.


i finally spoke to ellis today…..not on my home line thats still totally not working…it rings but no point in answering.

he’s busy working his socks off in hong kong and it’s all going well.

what i love about my conversations with ellis is there is such an ease to them.

he’s great also at ALL categories, men, work you name it!!!

i told him about my guidance and that i was advised to listen more and he said as long as i’m not listening to bullshit.

i could tell him anything…..i do…..and he’s funny and perceptive and ALWAYS give’s me a great take on things.

on the way to work i saw a man in a apple green adidas tracksuit that was exactly like the one i had when i was twelve…..and i LOVED it.

it was one of my favorite items.