busy day…..clients that i’ve met through work popping in for a chat…..

one is still house hunting in notting hill thats how he discovered us he popped in  for a quick snack and a glass of wine…he said today it was his meditation…

gave him my new name,,,,he’s not sure about it…

when he left he made me smell the flower he had…

i think it’s called daphne..

it was the most AMAZING smell…

i asked to smell it numerous times…

needless to say he’s a flower fan…

the next client is a women who has affairs with married men….

she never lets then come to her place….

pink is her favorite colour…

she’s off to the south of france today and not with one of her men..

a friend…

after work i went to a spiritual meet…

and through the rain and chilliness…

all i noticed was the daffodils.


i got ready really fast yesterday to dash off and meet kate for supper at the electric…

wore AT LAST one of my new items from ellis and alex…the taupe dress and threw a white chunky sweater over it…very marc jacobs…

kate loved the sweater and the dress…

she was wearing a navy ralph lauren shirt which looked great on her…gift as well as she works for them.

we caught up …and i had my first glass of champagne in ages…it was o.k. but i’ve really gone off drinking…..not that i did much of it lately and its now less and less.

kate loves my new name she said it’s very me…and suits me much more than my original one.

she said shes not sure if she wants to pursue fashion anymore carrier wise an interest is developing in environmental stuff.

as for me i love fashion always have….always will.

still we are going to see sex and the city at the electric….and kate went to the ballet a couple of weeks ago….and i have only been once so thats on our list.

came home and did a quick yoga session….don’t want to miss it….before bed.

i have been busy….shopping for my mothers birthday presents….

bought jane austen’s emma hardback….special edition and pride and prejudice for me…

cath kidston 50’s floral towel to match the dressing gown i bought her for christmas…and lulu guinness 50’s makeup design umbrella.

had to go to work quickly before the meet yesterday…

my boss was there popping in before she flies off to vietnam….

dashed in and dashed out with a list of too do’s and made it to the meet on time.

always love my saturday meet…

the man i like was wearing orange…not many men wear colour…

i’m a huge fan…

did i mention he is very stylish well if not he is….

p.s. ellis i know you love colour

had to work last night and just got up from a mammoth sleep…

i must have needed it…

got home last night and called my mother…..she was having an afternoon nap and i woke her…

i wanted to let her know my new name….

i made her write it down…

she liked it…and then said she didn’t know i was changing my surname too..

i went for guidance the day before with the buddhist leader i saw in october…

ivette and i went to meet him in the rain.

it was great…he said i’ve improved but i need to be aware of pauses….

how important they are…like the silence between songs….

we covered work..

the man i like…he said give him s.p.a.c.e.

chant to respect him and for something to happen naturally.

he said how much happier i looked and how great my skin was.

he said the happier you get the more things come.

ivette took notes and will email to me when she has typed.

the next day i went to work…and was annoyed for the first time there in the morning…anger…

i felt like smashing something….

it shifted thank goodness and i didn’t take it out on anyone.


ivette said it’s a sign things are shifting in my life.

now yoga!

i ordered books online today.

finished my latest novel yesterday.

ordered a cookbook that i wanted when i visited new zealand….

annabel langbein……..eat fresh…..

two novels…..

and a chanel boigraphy….maybe for the eurostar.

crossing the channel with chanel.

on the phone…

first up calling ellis FINALLY we could speak …..to thank him again for my beautiful clothes….i wore one of the tops to my saturday meet yesterday and got LOTS of compliments…

thankyou ellis….

next my adorable mother …rang and we had a long chat….

both my sisters have been staying and the middle sister left in a huff..


no wonder i live on the other side of the world…

then lawrence  rang me regarding my consultation about my new name

he called me by it when he called and i loved it.

so my name will be alecyss g daroy…..

pronounced (alexis)…

next i get an analysis of my new name…

we go through that and if i am 100% happy then we change it.

he also will supply how i sign my new signature for optiminun  benefit.

he said my name is even better than agyness g deyn’s for success.


i also went through the  man i like… name  again for analysis and he said we are compatible but i must let him come to me.

after his birthday in april he will focus on love…

he must be the one to ask me out…

that he is a leader and he has to take that role.

so i am going to change my blog title and everything legally after paris!

i’m finding it fascinating and i always ask about  celebrities i like…

madonna…great in carrier  obviously disaster in love his words not mine…

johnny depp and vanessa paradis have the same compatible factor as me and the person i like….

i take that as a good sign….

my boss returned from venice yesterday…..and popped in with her friend who has the same name as her…..

they were talking about johnny depp and giggling alot…….

they always giggle alot!

i  just returned from a buddhist meet.


enjoyed it and took carrot cake from the grocer.


got alot of compliments.

amore di mickey

March 17, 2010

after work i dashed to selfridges to get part of my mums birthday present.

she wants chanel talc…..no 5 as she said she loved the last batch i sent.

now it’s without powder puff and so it the aqua de parma…..

boo hoo!

i got matching soap and couldn’t make any more decisions so went and checked out dolce and gabbanna looking for the mickey and minnie t-shirts.

found one i didn’t like……liked the main line rose print items and my crochet dress is better than theres and i can’t wait to wear it. (thanks ellis)

found two interesting dresses ? by them in the lingerie section….animal print and mickey and minnie with hearts.

not sure about them…..i’d wear them as dresses.

after raced to a spiritual meet.

Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

i went to the electric yesterday to see alice in wonderland……or alice in wonderworld as someone called it last week.

everybody’s seeing it.

i went on my own just me and strawberry icecream on sunday afternoon.

loved the 3D…..


always love mr depp in anything….

makes me want to re read the book.

on the way to work i posted my two new signature’s to get analysed.

we are booked to talk sunday…..

the names i was drawn too he was too.

got up and the first thing i did is book my ticket to paris…..

going the second week in may for a long weekend.

leave thursday arriving in time for lunch and traveling back monday evening.

i can wear my fabulous new frocks from ellis and alex.

visiting marie cybelle before she heads off to new york in june.

my name change can legally happen on my return.

so excited….can catch the lucian freud exhibition as well.