i slept in today and boy did i need it…..i got up at 11a.m. after a lovley dream.

i had a lazy day….cooked myself a sundayish breakfast….read the sundays from yesterday.

had a bath went back to bed for another hour in clean sheets.

then i had to go to chelsea….i was so cosy at home it was a shock to step outside.

the coldest its been in ages!!!

heard ryuichi sakamoto as he was giving a concert…..he’s very talented.

i’m only familiar with Merry Christmas mr lawernce…but other work i heard sounded amazing.

i’m going to spotify him and listen to more.

he’s got grey hair now.

saw christmas trees already in the windows on the way home.


i was up early and off to the O2 today.

never been there…..just been past and seen the weird shaped dome.

they had tennis on there.. some mens final…..personally i prefer it OUTDOORS.

but i adore tennis and so want to start playing again…..i say that every summer here and still don’t do it.

NEXT year????

it was fun….didn’t begin that way….i met an actress who is starring in the harry potter film….very sweet….she said she has to be more evil as she is playing a baddy.

came home with a  orange and cinnamon candle …very keeping with december.

just got out of the bath…..clarins mask on and as i write watching the x factor results.

i have been having cereal and bananas for breakfast the last few day’s.

i need the energy as i am working in a fast paced environment.

they wanted me in tomorrow but four days there is enough and i’m due somewhere else.

thank goodness!!!!


sleep beckons.

just back from oxford street and EVERYBODYS shopping.

not me….all i bought was food from marks and spencers and grazia magazine.

yesterday went to a spiritual meet in chelsea so not my usual stomping ground.

i SQUEEZED it in as i have a BUSY schedule and won’t be going to my beloved sat ur day meet.

i enjoyed it…..they ALWAYS do me good.

they had nice matching mugs.

PLUS i made sure i got up and chanted for an hour today before work as i found it a bit ANNOYING yesterday.

new place…..new faces…..and extremly BUSY.

all was peaceful and super good today.

i was watching a show the other day when i writer i used to know came on.

i have one of her signed novels.

she’s really lovely………she was talking about how she met her husband.

first time….she had just arrived from new york……lonely and shopping at waitrose when a man walking up the aisle and smiled at her…..she said he was the first  person to smile at her in london…and she went back to the supermarket the next day in case he was there….he wasn’t.

fast forward……three or so years and she is taking her seat at the theatre as she is a theatre critic…..with her (soon to be) ex boyfriend with her…..when a man behind her asks if she is a theatre critic.

to which she replies yes.

a couple of day’s later he finds out where she is working and contacts her to accompany him to the theater and after suggests dinner.

she said when he put his hand in hers she knew she was going to marry him.

turns out he was the man from the supermarket……she didn’t realize….but he remembered her.

pretty AMAZING  no!!!!!

i love stories like that!!!

also adding at the end of the post a link to an article i love about fashion consultant…. yasmin sewell……

i have written about her previously……love her take on not pushing things and all things spiritual.

feel i’m doing the opposite at the moment!!!

Yasmin’s article in Elle UK

went to get my hair done at the salon today.

not my usual one….and had to take a deep breath as i gave them the instructions for the third time for the colour i like.

suggestions were very promptly by passed….i know what i want.

i was like i’ve got his much time…. so i had two people working on it.

i’m so demanding but i seem to get away with it.

and NO blowdrying!!!!……. ick!!!!

i dashed out of there to get to the apple store as i got the BEST voicemail last night saying it’s fixed (my computer) and no charge.

some weird reprogramming thing.

they printed out the instructions for me in case it happens again.

so right now i sit on my chaise lounge typing on my BELOVED computer who got  kisses when i got home.

with its new battery…which i had been meaning to get.

sooooooo lucky!!!!

watched vicky cristini barcelona yesterday………love love love penelope cruz in it…..worth seeing a second time.

my hypnosis session was great……relaxing.

i’m writing this at the apple store as i have taken my computer to fix.

threw a bit of a strop…..as it’s impossible to see anyone and i have NO TIME to wait ….come back and rebook.

it worked my computer is now getting accessed by the docter and its not the hard drive but something else to do with the board.

they’ll call me in 48 hours.

all is well.

nothing that a little diva’ish tantrum can’t fix.

crisis this morning…got up opened my computer as UsUAL  and was just in the process of sending an email to jenni to say YES to a hypnosis session today….when….


my computer froze.

wouldn’t restart and was just making this sad little sound which i remember from a few years ago when my hard drive died.

i was thinking it could be all the photos and video’s my sister keeps sending me of her grandchildren.

i think i have had ten emails in two days.

have i learnt and backed up since….

what do you think?????


anyway i rang apple……i tried kisses….talking to it…..chanting….

and finally i have to take it to the apple doctor.

next available appointment monday!!!!!

but will try tomorrow just in case.

got a bit teary…..but now i find myself at the internet cafe up the road and accepting.

about to dash home for my session.

sat ur day meet was good……one person got on my nerves by telling me what to do..i got the impression that they felt they are in charge when no one is… that ‘s the beauty of it.

i’m greeter gal and she told me how to greet her guest…with open arms and warmly… (your getting on my nerves)…and that i was being a princess asking the tea person to get herbal tea.

i was told her how annoyed she made me….but to be honest i think it was like water of a ducks back so she may be in for a few more home truths before the penny drops.

anyway my business is if you step om my toes i’m gonna tell you get off!

i always feel peaceful when i come out of that meet and really miss it when i don’t go.

it’s my ALL time favourite!!!

went for hot chocolate and chat with someone from the meet i trust.

then raced home and had to go to madame tussauds.

never been there before the wax figures are sort of weird.

some very life like some WAY of the mark like brad pitt.

looks nothing like him and its there fifth attempt.

he’s linked with angelina…..so there coupled up in wax world too.

i asked how they can get it so wrong and was told some faces are easier to sculpt than others.

the venue was being used for a wedding…..another indian one.

is the universe trying to tell me something????

this one was alcohol free and very chic and not as exuberant as the last one.

forget the dancing and clapping.

hitler was scary even as a wax work!!!!

crazy day…….here……there and everywhere…..

by tube which is not my favorite mode of travel.

also took in a walk down kings rd after a work meet….took in a few shops.

NO BUYING….just looking.

then some work.

finished by going to my buddhist meet.

ivette is closing her lingerie shop in portobello after five years.

it’s been a struggle of late and she seems very upbeat about it.

it doesn’t mean the end of her business just that space.

didn’t enjoy my buddhist meet……so what else is new?????

ended up having an unplanned dialogue with one of the group leaders who has finally become uncomfortable with me not speaking for six months.

i told her i don’t trust anyone there so whats the point??

we talked some more but REALLY no shift.

i don’t have to talk if i don’t want to…….and it’s my decision not anyone else’s whether i stay or go go. (to another district meet).