claudia schiffer for guess by ellen von unw

just got back from my buddhist meet…….had a strawberry yoghurt and about to hop in the bath.

meet was good.

one women shared how she was swimming in the pool the other day and claudia schiffer was swimming beside her.

she said in the past she would have felt less than and probably got out of the pool….she didn’t feel any of that.

so far so good!!!

she said she also wondered……what is it about claudia that made her so successful and what about herself that held her back…???

what’s the message here?

as she was speaking she remembered being approached in her youth to model by a photographer for paris vogue….. she went for test shots and never went  back.

although no regrets……did she feel she deserved it??

i have noticed how TUNED in i am at the moment…….yesterday i knew i would see a certain person even though it was unplanned.

i’ve read stuff like that where people receive a message and follow it.

it’s quite amazing!!



busy day……..up at 5.20 a.m. and doing that hour of chanting.

at work we had a couple who were brad and angelina lookeeee  like….eeessss.

hired to add supposed glamour to a business stand.

the guy had the fashion look and was at least in the orbit…..granted maybe in another solar system.

the girl looked as much like angelina as i do……especially when she modeled her pout which was often.

one of the boys…..beefcake ….thought she looked like her……he’s terribly sweet and great at lifting for obvious reasons.!!!!

just got back from a spiritual meet which was as always amazing.

now bath and sweet dreams!!!


up early……5.20 a.m. chanted an hour before i went to work.

as i walked to the train….leaves had fallen….it’s now that time of year.

i came home and just got out of a hot bath to a phonecall from james.

he emailed me sat ur day and is coming by eurostar to london this…. sat ur day.

he’s been here, there and everywhere.


while we were chatting i got the phonecall on my mobile i have been WAITING for!!!!

did i get the job i know i’ll love or NOT  ????????????

well………i have to wait until monday.

they have two other candidates that they will see thursday and friday.

things i liked about the phonecall.

she called when she said she would and apologized for being late….by 15 minutes.

she was very honest with me…….and asked that i call or email her if i need to know before monday.

all very professional and respectful.

i rang evette and she said good more time to chant…………..that is MY job!!!

also how well they behaved…..for a split second…. i was Gosh now it’s between more of us(aka the two more candidates)and evette pointed out they want to get the right person and if i am the right person i AM.

it’s not a competition.

phew………a reminder to breathe!!!

looking forward to having darling james stay till he flies off to new york on wednesday…….final destination home…


i was up and off in the afternoon to the dock…..tom dixons new showroom and show for up and coming designers.

it was so so sunny and i walked down as it was 15 minutes from my place right on the canel.

it was so beautiful…….personally i am a huge fan of tom dixon and drooled over his pieces.

the site was amazing full of light, rustic with a pop up cafe with huge terrace and tables enjoying veuve clicquot……and the best coffee in west london…..anyway thats what it said on the blackboard.

got two cards from two new designers….one does amazing candelabras made out of old pipes….there fab!!!…..and another interesting lights out of rough stripped paper that resembles woven brown birdnests…i loved them.

the tom dixon representative gave me his card and said tom is staying there so you can call if you want anything.

i sat downstairs and stared at a fat fat bowl i have WANTED for ages….instead of 300 pounds…..100 pounds.

buy or not buy??????

on my way to check my bank account i bumped into an ex sat ur day meet member who disappeared after her wedding.

she looks great….and now has a lovely baby girl….plus hubby.

we hugged and she told me to send my love to the group.

i didn’t go back and buy it…….i was good and i have his number!!!

tom dixon said he gets his influences from other fields………that he’s interested in music, architecture, fashion and food trends.

speaking of food!

i went to have chinese with helen……prawns and ginger and spring onion.

then we got icecreams and went and sat in the park and observed the swans.

it was the most beautiful day.


giving presents is a talent

September 26, 2009


sat ur day meet as usual and we all got in late (key holder late) so chatted outside.

star signs came up…….and our lessons this lifetime….i was told as a “leo” mine is who am i???? ……..personally i think i have that covered…….

that i’m proud……fear nothing.

then on the way to the door i was called sassy…..i felt like i’d had observations galore!!!!!

at the meet i said no ones wound me up for AGES.

don’t speak too soon!!!

after the meet…..i went to colleens as it was rueben’s birthday party.

i arrived to balloons on the balcony but little sign of a party.

too early……colleen was doing highlights and reuben was down portobello rd.

he returned shortly and i gave him his present and he didn’t like it.

i didn’t mind that as i thought the cowboys COULD be a bit too youngish.

so being the dedicated godmum i looked at other options and went to paul smith at the end of the road to get him a fab u lous sweatshirt.

when i returned with that….he didn’t like that either.

by this point i said i don’t care…..give it away……i’m not getting you anything else.

i found his manner brattish and most ungrateful……his mum supported him in his behavior so i politly left and left the receipt as colleen said she’ll take rueben in to choose somthing else.

i won’t be getting him presents again unless a change in attitude happens.

i came home then went to selfridges to return the other items the sales assistant was tempted to write” brattish behavior” in the column for reason why items returned.

i checked out the designer levels again……loved…..loved….loved brown marni boots.

was very GOOD……and left with sushi and artisan chocolates (only four) as i ate two there.

YUMMY!!!! eating one now.


she has a passion for knickers

September 25, 2009


chanted for two hours today.

then checked out the prada spring summer 2010 show.

i love everything she does.

personally i’ve been running around in shorts ALOT and focusing on the legs.

and then jenni came over for my hypnosis session.

i really enjoy them.!!!!!!

after i cleaned my apartment and did a face pack.

didn’t hear back from a job i went for that i was deliberating over as they were meant to let me know today.

there my second choice.



toaster4slice greeni went to the islington fab u lous place today.

the sun was shining……….and i really enjoyed it.

the place  is amazing so chic!!!!

we had one rock star in for lunch and he was a cool one…..he had lunch on his own.

love everything about the place the customers…..the food…where to i BEGIN!!!!!!!

the style.

for breakfast they put multi colored dualit  toasters on all table’s so you can toast your own bread.

how cool ….it looks like an art installation on the communal large table which runs down the length of the room with amazing white long, coiled cords plugged in.

i had the most delicious lunch at the end……salmon with mango and avocado salsa, fresh beetroot, sweet potato.

and i was asked if i wanted cake i declined.

all the way home i kept thinking…why????? didn’t i have that carrot cake.

this is the prada AND marc jacobs of food!!!!

just went for the hot chocolate….again in those gorgeous glasses.

so now i wait to find out if i get offered it on monday.

it’s between three of us.

just got back from my buddhist group meet.

still not talking……had to go to the toilet at one point because i thought i can’t TAKE listening to these people anymore.

just for a break.

i stayed for tea and snacks at the end ….which i enjoyed and a private chat with evette


so today i had to make a decision about which venue to go to….. my home turf or islington.

i chanted an hour this morning and again got up early…….5a.m.

i wasn’t getting a gut feeling no sign at ALL.

love working near home…… earning more money.

each had one…….and not the other.

i didn’t want to call because i had no clue!

when  i had to ring to communicate my decision….i went for notting hill but turns out they have someone else going in tomorrow so it’s off to islington.

it all comes down to trusting.


i was up at 4a.m and chanting for an hour before i went to work.

my day was smooth as silk because of it.

i came home made a business phonecall…. as the place i loved in islington which i am due to return to on thursday have now offered me another option, there notting hill site.

all is not cut and dried as i have potential for more money at the islington one but….nothing is set in stone…..and if the universe is going to give me more …in it will come.

there is also something so so so so nice about walking to work.

i couldn’t decide so wisely said i would let her know after work tomorrow.

i did my music hour as i do six days a week…… for the last few days its been going through madonna’s deluxe celebration album song by song which is brilliant.

then i went to my first buddhist study meet for an exam.

i have avoided the exam…..not because i fear them but just because other things seemed more important.

it was at mako’s who is adorable……especially loved his blackboard easel in the lounge which he used to explain buddhist theories.

plus his thermos set up so we could have tea on demand.

we both giggled alot……no one else did…..reminded me of when i worked with barry and we spent alot of the day in fits of giggles.

so good for you!!!

about to go to dreamland and visualize before i go to sleep some images i want.


off for another meet this morning……not enough money for moi so short and sweet.

after was off to selfridges, on the tube a women said to me…..your face is familiar after staring at me for a while.

“haven’t i seen you somewhere before”?

she decided it must be in a past life…..we got off at the same tube stop ,bond street and chatted up to street level.

she was telling me that she was now pursuing her spiritual path as a healer.

bought kiehls face mask and silk groom and a few other hair products….in selfridges.

then i thought godsons present as its his birthday next week and he’s having a party sat ur day,

i got him a cath kidston, cowboy fluffy white bath towel and cowboy mug.

i rang colleen to check as i wasn’t sure if it was a bit young for him…..he’s going to be ten.

personally i love it!!!

colleen gave it the thumbs up.

did a quick peruse of designer level as not much time but i love even looking.

just breathing in all those beautiful clothes makes me feel better.

sprayed with prada’s newest perfume on the way out.

then off for another meet…….second one……went well.

when i walked home i dropped off my c.d. at elaines apartment…….through her door.

now going to hop in my lavender bath.