relaxed day….so nice.

tried calling ellis…….

i would hear his voice and it would disconnect.

not meant to talk today.

got the sunday’s read about sade looking forward to her new album.

did yoga.

cleaned the apartment.

listened to another hypnosis c.d. jenni gave me while i had my clarins pure and simple face mask on.

this ones on abundance.


this morning i felt like wearing a yellow sweater, but i don’t own one yet so chose the next best thing, my fluffy adorable pinkish orange sweater.

it’s like your favorite sweater as a kid, only good things can happen to you in it and i bought it from my favorite portobello market vintage gal.

got lots compliments at the sat ur day meet.

love that meet.

after went for coffee with the gals.

some shopping then home and watched sandra bullock in the proposal.

hair salon yesterday and a bit of pampering after a mad day.

I got conned by a guy who really should take up acting he’s so good.

he arrived looking for my boss and claiming he was dropping off bathroom tiles for her.

he knew her name, pretended to ring her on his mobile and was totally convincing.


so i handed over the dosh and got nothing….

not upset about it….the money will come back to me.

told louise about it today…..she was really sweet…..she asked if i got any tiles i said no.

sooo funny!!

on the way to the salon, my shoe strap broke and EVEN that didn’t phase me.

i’ll drop at the cobblers sat ur day.

feeling really happy and positive.

did some yoga today and it just made me feel amazing……

just ate the most delicious scallops at work with salsa verde!

so the new’s is full of brad and angelina at the moment…….saying they have spilt.

i hope not…..

went to work today and my flowers had wilted…..very upsetting….

the owner said i need another lesson.

her assistant is bringing fresh supplies tomorrow.

elaine thinks i shouldn’t send a valentine card as he’ll think i’m stalking him…

and i had thought of that…..

she suggested asking him out…..really don’t want to.

could be a no……then to my romantic gesture.

time for a bath!

after work i dashed to smythson’s to get my 2010 dairy, i chose deep navy blue.

i always write my goals for the year in the back.

when i got home linda arrived as we were chanting for an hour.

it was fun….

i had a look and the valentines cards at smythson’s…..

really want to send one to the man i like…..

but anonymously.

or my heart does!!!

i did my yoga this afternoon after calling my mother.

she’s in pain from an accident whilst on holiday, my middle sister’s new dog jumped on her and knocked her over.

she has water on the knee and it will take six weeks to heal, her doctor advised my mother get a bicycle but she’s not into it.

brilliant….i was so annoyed with my sister…doesn’t take much at the moment…long story……

i managed to do the class i tried to do the other day, the de-stress.

it was great and HARD, you feel so alive after.

i kept wishing she would give us a break but no such luck.

i went and got the sundays. read them then cleaned my apartment.

i just finished watching a movie, a girly one, with the candles all on.

just me and my peanut slab, i figure i’ve earned it.

now its bath time and then bed in clean sheets.

just listened to a hypnosis session jenni downloaded for me about the here and now…loved it…although you do visualize six months from now and a year.

i’m ready for another week.

wore my blue silk prada beret to the meet this morning… was in need of an outing.

went to my buddhist meet last night and enjoyed……(a change)….. and took chocolate chip cookies from the grocer which are divine….as everything is from there.

i want to contribute now.

someone at the sat ur day meet asked if i was still doing my hynosis sessions, she can see a real change in me, and is interested in doing them herself.

i must say i do enjoy them VERY much.

i am now going to chill for a bit and then go off to work.

Just got home and my american vogue has arrived which is great as i think i have to re subscribe.

I will crawl into bed in a minute and glance through it.

Did yoga today wanted to try a de-stressing workout and got stressed as my computer kept cutting out…..and i was stubborn about wanting to try a new yoga teacher.

Weird…i went back to the one i’ve been doing and i’m improving already.

Ironically it worked (of course) when i let go.

Now vogue!

my boss got back from venice today and popped in.

she has just bought an apartment there.

she said my flowers were really good and then she marked me seven out of ten as they weren’t full enough with water and she wanted the greenery higher.

was funny.

we had our management meet……and she said it was so professional it made her nervous.

i’d typed up the minutes from last week and had them ready.

she really makes me laugh.

i like her so much!!

she had a glass of prosecco before leaving ….said i’m so efficient, its refreshing for her….also she asked if any packages arrived for charlie.(her son).

surprisingly….none did….a first.

went to a meet…..before reading my book for an hour in a nearby cafe with a huge hot chocolate.

have just finished doing my yoga.

I’m concentrating on stretches at the moment…….

there is a pose and the end that is impossible for me to do …. at the moment…..but i try……fail and then watch the teacher stretch her body in the air with just her hands as balance.

from the few sessions that i have done i can already feel and see the benefit.

will go to a class soon and every now and then to improve.

i did it for at least a year with trevor and he said i had done it in past lives so i have an understanding of it.

right here and now its the videos.

makes you feel alive.