FRANCE-FASHION/i’ve gone back in time to gwen stefani and two songs……..what are you waiting for…… and rich girl……

playing over and over…….watching the video of what your waiting for as i love the theme…….

“….think what that money could bring ….i’d buy everything…..

clean out vivenne westwood … my galliano gown….no wouldn’t just have one hood….

a hollywood mansion if i could…….please book me first class to my fancy house in london town……….”

now debating whether i’ll go to a meet or perhaps chill……

adele’s going….it’s either that or paint my nails???????

decisions, decisions?????

or do both!

which i am…..



Rileytoday jenni came over to hypnotize me.

she has been studying and practicing for a while now.

first she went through a questionnaire and then we decided what we were going to do.

we focused on my music………..

she said …..”we put you into the future where you visualize what will happen…..”

wouldn’t you know it my neighbour had builders putting up a wall so today of all day’s just as we were going into hypnotize mode, the drill starts going!!!!

we were not phased and carried on, i was all comfy under my duvet on the chaise lounge.

i really enjoyed it and we have made another date for next week.

mrbrainwash_501i had a lazy day, no coffee, and two naps because of it.

i’m not drinking alot, just one a day.

i went to my  women’s buddhist meet and i enjoyed it, the topic was districts so i got to say how i feel about mine which is not good……..i don’t like it……and i don’t trust anyone there.

today i felt fed up!!!!! impatient!!!!!!!!!

putting the work in and not getting the result’s anyway that’s how it feels!!


then i came home and found out more about mr brainwash as i like his art.

he is the opposite of my mood today.

very positive in his messages, him combined with the buddhist meet has turned my mood around.

the way he saw his street art is to have a gallery but outside, where even people who don’t like art are forced to see it.

he had his first show in june, …”life is beautiful…..’ he’d been working for ten years, 7000 people came, there were lines around the block!!!!!

he said it was possible, anything is possible you just have to believe, also he said god helped and he had alot of signs, donations and people helping.



apart from betty draper being my favorite character dress wise, from mad men, i’m a huge fan of the costume designer responsible…..janie bryant.

i just finished the first disc on series two.

betty is her favorite character to dress and she said her inspiration board is full of grace kelly images.

betty is a vogue reader and what she would wear today………………………………prada and oscar de la renta.

years ago it was friends who trusted bryant’s fashion instincts.  ……………………

“they always wanted to see what was in my closet,………….

..and i would help them decide what to wear on dates and to social events…..”

her favorite designer….. christian lacroix……..



yesterday went to windsor for the cartier polo.

enjoyed seeing the view pass by my window and just letting my mind wander.

singing to songs………..and shouting when the driver changed stations in the middle of “bad” by michael jackson.

i arrived in paris for the first time (this lifetime) listening to that.

most glamourous outfit i saw of the day was definitely the gal’s at the Vivienne westwood table, minus the good lady herself.

there shoe’s were something to BEHOLD……….and brought to mind images of naomi when she tumbled.

worn with confidence and SUPER SUPER short dresses.

when i got home i had a bath and read sunday style whilst soaking, and then caught an episode of mad men.

i am obsessed with that series!!!!!!

time for another!


January_1963_Vogue.77113717_largei got up late, and was off to my sat ur day meet.

all ellis’s dresses have had an outing so went for my fendi pale yellow one, backless in honour of the christy cover.

awaiting my new arrivals with relish!!!!!

cannot leave the house without my umbrella, it’s all tropical here at the moment.

i always leave it (my umbrella) at my favorite stall on portobello and have to always go back for it.

i had a nap when i came home, i haven’t done that for ages, after watching one episode of mad men series two.

“….i catnap now and then, but i think while i nap, so it’s not a waste of time……’

when i woke did my music hour and just finished chanting.

can’t stop smiling!!!

i like the big ?’s

July 24, 2009


i got home to find my american vogue waiting and i’m loving the cover with christy turlington.

the dress is AMAZING, amethyst!!! ……..a moderate, transparent violet.

all of us have a need for colour in our life.

i read if your wearing black all the time you really must wear bright coloured underwear.

it’s all about the dress at the moment .

“…….he’s  certainly seen all of my selves……’s better to be known than loved.”

Vogue_1939_-_Horst_P_Horst.60234629_largehectic day……..then home and just time to grab a bite……shower and off to my buddhist meet.

couldn’t find the shade i was looking for, “roman holiday”… all my lipsticks are nars, and all lined up can cause problems.

usually there in the fridge in summer.

on the way to the meet it poured, torrential……….it was sort of fun and i had my umbrella and screams.

some cute boys kindly let me in there apartment entrance so i avoided some rain.

i was standing there contemplating when bingo, they opened the door.

saw a rainbow, my mother always thinks there good signs!

the meet was about gratitude, real small, just four of us.

i took muffins and didn’t speak it’s seems to be my thing at the moment.

on the way home, walked by the canal, and saw an adorable duck family, i love the way they always follow behind, in this case twelve.

just finished my music hour and going to crash!!!

“…….you can buy all the makeup that mac can make…….’

new beginnings

July 22, 2009

cultire-600so the solar eclipse happened here at 3.34 a.m. in the morning and i was intrigued to read up on how it affects my sign.

apparently the effects of the eclipse last  from 3 months up to 3.5 years.

mine was all about “if i don’t do it now i never will”…………………

the motto is

“place more emphasis on being your beautiful self and let those who applaud………applaud and those who don’t get you, they can go and jump in the lake and  move on……’

if you want to check out your sign google………

tima viasto new york holistic body and spirit examiner, it’s fantastic!!!!

gotta dash!!


eggleston_printoff to mayfair to the salon for a hair colour.

popped into paul smiths antique shop for a quick look, and the manager insisted on giving me his card, he asked me what i liked and i said all of it……..he said just wait while i get the truck.

the salon has had a major makeover, and it looks fab, now when i get my hair washed i can also have a  massage.

as usual i got a STACk of magazines and ploughed my way through them.

very little conversation, just how i like it!!!!!

liked the article in tatler about eva herzigova…………

on meeting her boyfriend……….”for me it was definitely love at first sight…..i was head over my-how do you call it ? -heels.”

her summer drink –  rose.

also read an interesting article about a fashion consultant on spirituality.

she said staff mediating together would increase sales.

when she wanted to return to london after returning to sydney, she got rid of all her clothes that she felt had previous memories , and out of the blue a week later got a call from the owner of browns with a job offer.

she also said she decided to really trust!!! and not worry about what would turn up.