Asparagus Beach

April 26, 2009

monroe-marilyn-001 I came across these pictures a couple of months ago and loved loved loved them, had no idea who took them and today in the Sunday’s there is an article about an exhibition of the photographers work starting in london this week. Proud Galleries, 32 John Adam Street WC2.Sam Shaw, a life long new yorker who died in 1999 .

They were taken on asparagus beach, amagansett part of the hamptons.

Marilyn was driving a jeep and always getting it stuck in the sand.

It is now so on my list of places to visit!!!

The closest i’ve come so far is long island july 4th 2004, picnic with ellis and alex and friends.  Bridget did the martha steward of picnic’s!  Ellis took one of my  favorite photo’s of me which i post at the end.

I know he was annoyed with me that day as i was desperate to get near the sea, and i think he thought i was rude and impatient!

I’d been starved of swimming!

I has just bought that prada bikini and still adore it!!!

I will go to the gallery as i have been totally slack about seeing any exhibitions, life has been my excuse!!!

Also Mad Men lost out to sex and the city series two, i’m still revisiting.

Carrie is at the hampton’s in the best beach outfit ever.

Surfer shorts and bikini top.

Stealing that look too!!!

My lazy day has turned into lazy much needed weekend with two hour phone call to my coolest of cool mum who is helping me out this week via my bank account.

She get’s her psychic reading thursday and were both so excited!!!!

I have to start chanting for a new home for her as she doesn’t love her’s like i do mine.

She’s more a modern type of gal!

I swear sometimes i could kiss the floors.



2 Responses to “Asparagus Beach”

  1. ellis said

    I think I was being a control freak. Not annoyed. It’s really funny, I just made some knickers with a similar cut to those , but in beige washed silk habotai. And then Betty Paige in the same day. You put the BOO in peek-a-boo Alexandra !

  2. kate said

    mm love the photo! take me with you to the exibit!x

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