14638_512x288_manicured__nCmAm2pPaEiZvG-DZ1NMSwit’s super hot!!!!

i don’t have a little fan and i’m not putting my undies in the ice box but i’m thinking of it!

‘maybe if i took a little fan, put it in the icebox, then left the icebox door open, then left the bedroom door open, and soaked the sheets and pillowcases in ice water, …………………….no thats too ICKY!!!!!!!!!!!


stateofgracepreviewtoday my package arrived from ellis and alex!!! thankyou!!!!!!

so before i went on YET another meet i tried on my new clothes.

i loved all of them, four fabulous dresses and cardigan. i have already planned when to give each dress it’s first outing.!!!!!

starting this week!

thanks to the fab u lous boy’s! xxxxx

“my frocks were built in hong kong but i wear them with a strong english style”.

on the hot , sweaty, tube a couple got on just returning from glastonbury.

they said blur were the best, and the girl had been on a hen’s weekend celebration there, her friends boyfriend got down on one knee in the mud at glastonbury last year and proposed!!!!!

they declared me a blur fan, and said see u at hyde park.

yet to get tickets!!!!

both dreaming of a shower and removing her hat which hid her festival hair.

i asked practical ????? like how do you keep your stuff safe in the tent???

she said take all your valuables with you, and i’m like what about your clothes, mine are valuable.!!!!

if i do glastonbury i cannot take my beloved wardrobe with me (next year)!

i’m definitely in the dior gumboot club!!!!


AAAAC_XIE3QAAAAAADA4Vgi was at the london aquarium last night and drooling over the fish!

i become more kid like than a kid with many  WOW”s and ???????”s like do you think they get bored.

and are the sharks sleeping as they lie on the floor with teeny tiny demo like fish hovering near there tails.

it was too cool!

although i got offered salmon it just didn’t feel right  eating it there!

rang my mum when i came home for a catch up. she said we are so in tune and connected which is true!

up this morning and met with jennie for quick browse round the farmers market, and coffee at the italian. she bought me three dr wayne dwyer c.d.s  as a pressie which i’ll love.

then back for a spirtual session with karen and rustled up a healthy salad!

then began watching a movie that kept st i c k ing and driving me crazy!!!! just when a young and very handsome robert redford appeared on the scene.

i persevered through two bowls of strawberry icecream and then gave in, i don’t want to miss any of his face so will have to wait!

Picture 530


i’m soaking up blur and it’s all i’m playing this week!

favorite track “out of time” but so many i love!!!!

i remember sending the tracks to james in paris when they first came out.

i don’t think he liked theM!

i spent that summer house sitting a millionaires house in notting hill with a friend.

had some great dinner parties, loved cooking with one floor as my kitchen.

it’s too darn hot!!!!!!

as soon as i get home i want another shower.

yesterday i went to  a cute italian cafe around the corner from mine and had a mozzarella pannini whist surrounded by kids eating gelato! well four!!!!

i wondered if i chose incorrectly???

today i bought icecream, strawberry on the way back from portobello.

it’s in the freezer, wish i was too!!!!


i never grew up!

June 26, 2009

Tracey Eminup and off for a morning meet. this has been the only one i’ve wanted and it’s something that i’m not even sure is available.

i’m trying to let go and it’s really h a r d especially in this heat!!!!

i got so excited, this is the one!!!!! and then at a moment in the meet he say’s well we haven’t got anything at the moment and i’m thinking your kidding!!

why meet with me twice!!!!!



let go let go!!!!

met gina on the kings rd for coffee and on route i saw the michael jackson news plastered on the papers!

as i write i’m breaking my ban on the news and watching all the tributes to him.

after catching up i went off to see the tracey emin exhibition at the white cube.

“those who suffer love”

there was a sign on entering “that this exhibition contains art work of a sexually explicit nature” the i was missing from this.

loved the looped animation “those who suffer love” AND THAT SHE’s WEARING heels, manilo’s i’m guessing?

“i keep believing in you”  words embroidered  in pale pink on cotton like a kitsch emblem.

all the neon’s. i love her use of words!

what a talent!

below one of them titled “a fortnight of tears”.3608236167_2e2eb9c840

DohertyGlastonbury_250in all my years in london i have never yearned to go to glastonbury.

except this year, blur are playing and i have uttered those words

“i wish i was.”

i’ve only done one festival and even as a teenager it  didn’t really appeal.

i was performing in one of the tents, and i had the bright idea for me and my girlfriend to wear bikinis!

i had just found a super 60’s one i adored.

it was in total naivety i swear!!!!!

no -one was too rude but i don’t think they were interested in our singing!!!!

so it’s going to have to be next year for me!!!


kate and johnny annie

sb_116i watched a c.d. last night madonna “virgin interviews”.

i’ve always loved her and her attitude of extreme self confidence and humour.

when interviewed about the sex book and this shot she said she really enjoyed it as only children are allowed to go naked outside.

when asked what the drivers passing thought she said they probably thought they were hallucinating and went to have there eyes tested the next day.

i remember when i first started chanting and i had a shelf as my alter!

i put this picture hanging from it and when the young women’s leader came to chant with me she explained why it wasn’t just a great idea.

i needed a bit of convincing!!!!

was meant to go and check out two sites today and when i went to meet colleen my gut feeling was it’s not respectful if the owner has not arranged drinks or anything for us!

colleen agreed!

so sent a text saying on my way with request he organize it (drinks at least) when he checked who was sending it i received no reply back, as colleen said that was my answer!!!

instead we went to the tabernacle for lunch and e @ o for one glass of rose!

so the right thing to do!!!!!

now going to chant and then go to a meet.

listening to blur’s new album.

i go deep

June 22, 2009

c538aca7c05c0a211aec457e0e296afci’m back from the buddhist head quarters course and it was amazing!!!!!

out of my three choices for victories, it looks like i already have one but i want to wait and list all three!

i enjoyed the journey there and back!!!!

thankyou keeley and thankyou melody!

lot’s of laughter especially on the journey back!

i sang my new song” international love” without backing as it’s naked at the moment.

all the men thought it was raunchy, and lot’s of people liked the lyrics!!!

deborah made me laugh by saying she didn’t think i could sing years ago but now does! or as she put it regarding a past performance “what was that about”????


a had to share a room with my roomY,  who yelled at me for turning on the light in the morning, i forgot she was there!!!

what can i say different body clocks, she’s an owl i’m a lark.

so much for travelling light!!!!!!

everyone commented on what i had in my bag, jenny said i needed an entourage to carry my bag and note to the gals!!!! it was so heavy when you dropped me off not just due to beauty products i had a huge box of candles, buddhist books and other shop stuff!!


christini also made me laugh alot with her comments throughout the course, she was like a naughty but not toooo naughty girl in the class. lot’s of asides to make you giggle.

willie kept asking me if i was behaving myself!!!


so lot’s of fun, and i feel so, so so so inspired!!!!

my group leader was also an absolute hoot, with comments like turn up the gas (meaning chant more) and that her kids were emergency buddhists only chanting when they wanted a dolce gabbanna handbag or jimmy choos.

p.s. thankyou to ellis whatever i did in a past life to deserve you as a friend xxxxxxx

your one of my good causes !!!! xxx


oh father

June 21, 2009

CIMG1952this is going to be a list of my fathers good points.

in honor of father’s day!

at least he was never boring!!!! that’s for sure!!!

he was a leo and true to his star sign generous.

handsome and with loads of charisma.

when he chose to be naughty he was forgiven and often.

faithful! a big plus.

intelligent with a love of reading.


he used to tell me about his astral traveling which still makes me giggle.


novel way of approaching talk about the birds and the bees.

“just don’t trust any men”.

had one song that he always sang at parties, whilst keeping time with his foot.

sang it well!!!

spoke his mind always.

like father like daughter.

i am definitely a chip of the old block.!!!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mini-1968-jane-birkin-citroeni packed this morning, just couldn’t make decisions about anything last night.

crystal clear today on wardrobe decisions and beauty products to take and my mood was pro the journey.

updated my computer last night and it’s super super speedy now and more cute visually.

still no victory before yet!!!

where are you.????

got till i arrive at taplow, technically.

and in buddhism it ALWAYS arrives at the last last last possible memento.

theme of the course “advance with an invincible spirit”.


shall do!!!