April 30, 2009

firecrackers my good friend marie has me on her mobile as firecracker.

I came home tonight and had a mini explosion.

a few sparks went off regarding what’s happening in my buddhist district!!!!!


at the cash point, the homeless guy kept asking me for a hug, he said i looked stressed!

i was, funds that were there had disappeared and i had a phonecall from an important payment telling me the money wasn’t there when i banked it myself!

he kept asking for a hug, i kept saying no, and then he said what about if it was his birthday, and i replied let me guess? that’s today.

on the train home i thought i was gonna cry.

or call fabiana and MOAN, MOAN, MOAN, when i’m not meant to be doing that.

why isn’t this happening, i’m doing this, i’m trying sooooooo0000000 hard.

rant , rant, rant!

instead i decided to breathe, an the man opposite me said you look tired.

great that makes’s me feel ALOT  better.

then he said no you look good.


then he said you look spoilt.

and i said GOOD!!!!!!!!

p.s. my funds were there!


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