what i’ve been up to lately……

i saw jane eyre at the electric and loved it……

very romantic and visually beautiful….

went and bought five more yellow pots and lavender for my lounge window sill so now when i wake up in the morning i have that cheery sight and as nic said it will cheer me up in winter…..

chanting three hours a day!!!

bringing red roses back from my game of tennis yesterday……

the gardner gave them to me and they smell wonderful…….

started reading the survival of the soul by lisa williams and bought a copy for my mother as she wants to read it too…..

all makes perfect sense to me…..

it’s another hard to put down book….

i wondered if you died a violent death if you felt it i thought you wouldn’t and she said the spirits pull your soul out so you don’t feel the pain…

thought so!!

running through leaves in the park now and the squirrels are cute munching on the  fallen nuts

right now workman are putting a new window in for me in my corridor ….

which is nice…..

i’ll chant when they leave or NOT!!!

depends how long they take..


i went on a buddhist course last weekend and it was soooooooo much fun……lisa came with as she has been chanting for four months now……

we all got given jewels to remind ourselves of the jewel we have in our  lives through chanting…..lisa stuck her’s on her forehead like a bindi..

it looked very cute…..

we took all our breaks in the park….next to the buddhist centre…….

often in fits of giggles……

what i have taken from the course ……that when i’m chanting about something to follow the decision i make whilst chanting……..not the thought after i finish…

i bought lisa her first buddhist beads and gongyo book …..RED to match her bindi

i cannot STOP reading open by andre agassi……..doloras (my tennis buddy) lent the book to me last week thinking RIGHTLY that i would enjoy it……..

i have to force myself to go sleep because i always want to read yet another chapter…..

the parts about steffi graf just make me believe in true love even more….

it ‘s sooooooooooo romantic…….

and there story and the strange coincidences that  come into play….

like brooke sheilds putting steffi graf’s picture on her fridge when she was in pursuit of the perfect body for her upcoming marriage to andre….

not knowing he nursed a crush on steffi graf for years!!!!!

with a huge heart around it

too bizarre!!!!!!!

just makes me believe even more also in divine timing….

it wasn’t there time to be together and then it was!!!

i’m just about at the end of the book

boo hoo!!!

Madonna attends the W.E. première at the Palazzo Del Cinema during theVenice Film Festival on Thursday.got up this morning and caught madonna on the news talking about her movie to the bbc…..

loved the cross she was wearing over her demure dress….

went to my saturday meet and today my buddhist meet…..

lisa in tow…..

she said she can always spot me at a distance by my silhouette….

it all how i carry my bag…..

i’ve been at the salon……getting some pampering…….

playing tennis and i played the BEST game today….it was total joy and in the sun…

with a view of the most beautiful trees

nic gave me a lavender plant for my birthday and i love in it’s in a bright yellow pot which matches my freshly painted  bright yellow front door…….

happy daze….

i now need to buy five more for my lounge windowsill…