April 23, 2009

cimg1812 So the idea of signs?

 When i was in sydney  i went to a evening with jessica adams an astrologer i really like.

She spends half her time in here and half in sydney.

Part of the evening was writing down your goals for the next year, and then she told us to look for signs in the next few days regarding what we wrote.

The very next day i went to visit a friend and crossing over in the harbor by ferry a huge ocean liner went past with alexandra written on it.

Still haven’t figured that one out and my lovely friend james (who makes a mean paella) whom i was staying with and is very dubious of all my spiritual escapes was listening to the radio when someone came on and dedicated it to alexandra in london.

When i returned to london the above car appeared and comes and goes out of my life since then.

I see it as another sign and also that the universe has a sense of humor!

I dont want to give away all my goals and wishes for that year as i have still not achieved them.

In relation to the car, my last failed romance??? was with someone who wished to buy said vehicle although probably not pink I’m guessing and he would not dump his long distance girlfriend in italy???

Go figure?????

And yes a happy marriage is on the list!!!



One Response to “Signs”

  1. Tabby said

    The universe and its sense of humor, lol. Well I wish I would get some humor! xx

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