I was never the girl next door

April 27, 2009

bettie-page-2 kate sent me this image yesterday, with a note saying she is  finding it super inspiring.

It’s Bettie Page and kate’s new hero.

I googled her and found out she was a 1950’s Pin Up, who died in December 2008.

Penniless, after becoming a born again christian , and going slightly bonkers.

I love this quote from her

‘ I’m very sorry that when i turned my life over to the lord jesus in january 1959, i threw out all my net-stockings and bikini’s- some from Fredrick’s of hollywood”.


2 Responses to “I was never the girl next door”

  1. Tanya said

    a boy I barely knew once compiled a 30-odd page document entitled ‘why Tanya is Bettie Page’ complete with a load of her bondage photos – at the time I had no idea who she was and was properly freaked out!!

  2. kate said

    ah a girl after my own heart, lost in the pull of past decades. im specualating that her born again christian episode was really to satiate her free spirit. i dont think i would have been as easy as a woman to be like us in her day in age.

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