i’ve seen your beauty and you belong to me now

September 10, 2012

its been super HOT!!!

beach weather!!!

i wanted great weather and boy have i had it….

maria cybele and i had yet another great brunch…

we had to move as we were being baked slowly by the intense sun…

later i went to a meet and then walked to st germain des pres, along the seine in the sunshine….

to see to rome with love woody allens latest….

some of it was in italian with french subtitles but i got the gist……

next day another brunch….

wandering in the market at montmarte….

maria cybele got a fabulous old typewriter and cool clothes…

i got a new laptop bag  and clock that is very 50’s to put in my kitchen…

wanted these fabulous lights from india that would look so great in my lounge even though i had envisioned something else….

the were glass globes in the palest pink and yellow…

just beautiful…

they were sold to some famous director…michel gondry

the sellers laughed at my face when i just kept looking at them…

i wanted them so much…

maria cybele was how would i get them home? to ours?

i would have forgone the scooter and taken the metro…

alas not destined for my home!!!!!!

later maria cybele went to open air cinema and i went for sushi and then to do a  little gig at pop in in the 11th…

i wanted to sing two songs but they couldn’t work the ipod so i did one….

it was fun…

i don’t get nervous at all anymore….


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