letting a thing come rather than creating it

September 7, 2012

i went and saw gerhard richter at the centre pompidou………

i love his work…….

it was on the top floor and i started to feel a bit weird as it got to the top on the escalator….

heights always freak me out a bit

it was a big show and……

i loved his painting of clouds

its three clouds in a row and its so beautiful…..

it made me remember when i was a kid and we would regularly lie and look and the clouds for ages and say what we shapes we saw..

maria cybele called whist i was nearing the end of the gallery and had a couple of hours spare before she had to return to work..

so she picked me up on her scooter….

saying are you on the back?…

i was wearing one of my marni dresses which are not really designed for scooter travel……..

i just have to hitch up high like small shorts…….

we went to the marais for dinner and sat outside to have the relaxation disturbed by a persistent wasp…

or few….

maria cybele was like i’m going to f*********king kill it……

apologizing for it being non buddhist…….

two minutes later he died in our neighbors cocktail two tables down


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