be yourself everybody else is already taken

September 5, 2012

yesterday such sunny weather for me to go to cemetiere Pere-Lachaise……..

i made sure i made extra effort to look nice for madame piaf…..

i thought i would pop in there and out….

not realizing how huge it is……

and when i made my list of visits i found it hard to work out without a map….

i did try!!!

one man offered to be my guide for free and he lead me to chopins grave…..

which had the most flowers!!!

that was after struggling to find colette and when i decided to get a map!!!!!

the good thing was i got to practice my french on him before i bade him goodbye……

its so inspiring for to hear do you speak french,,,,,,,when i answer some ???’ions correctly

i’m a beginner!!! with my L plates for sure!!!

just spurs me on……for the next stage of my french lessons when i return…..

so good to be understanding more

i got to piaf via monsieur morrison…..

then checked out gertrude stein…..maria callas and isadora duncan with ballet slippers beside her placque…

maria callas….whos ashes are not there anymore…

and when i left i returned to piaf which is who inspired me to go there in the first place and luckily no  one else was at the grave….

so i got to speak to her for five minute on my own which i really wanted …

before more people arriving….

the cemetery has the most amazing feeling…..

being buried is a tempting choice if its there!!!

p.s. not forgetting MR WILDE

p.p.s i also bought map of paris first time ever…..i’m coming over all practical!


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