anyone who lives within there means suffers from a lack of imagination

March 9, 2012

yesterday was marni at h & m day……..

i meant to get there early…….not 3 a.m. like one women i met but a more civilized time like 7a.m.

i made it for 8a.m. and had the best time….

i hung out with a nanny and baby who are flying to st lucia today for a Caribbean holiday en family…..

the baby ws called victor and he was a real good sport being only the second baby in the whole throng…

except he came complete with pram which upset the staff for a memento……

it was all very organized different to the stella McCartney  for h & m where the staff feared for there lives as women rushed for racks of clothes as they were brought on the shop floor..

me and an ex husband there to buy for his ex wife tried to sneak in before our allotted time on our colored wristband but they were very organized  and NO ONE  got through there system….

i was starting to get worried that the pieces i wanted would be gone….

but i got everything i wanted and spent twice what i intended…..

the collection was just toooooooooooo good!!!!

i could have gone more crazy….

i got four dresses….two tops….two bags….a swimsuit and a hat…….

in the changing room i was asked  for advise by women trying on clothes….

should i buy this…..

Yes….no it doesn’t fit…to to one women whose pants were way to baggy on top……then she went through her whole haul with me……

when i got to the till i  rang jenni to put money in  my account so i could buy it all….

the darling said YES….i’ll pay her back next week…

i booked studio time for monday not thinking i would want to spend WAY more on marni…..

so zipped to the bank to transfer my studio money into my marni account……..

then back for my second payment…

the guy cashier insisted i should have the marni coathangers so put them in my bag…..

when i got home…..

jenni had put cash in my account…….

i tried everything on……

and then wore my bathing suit and hat for the rest of the entire evening…



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