feeling a little blue in january is normal……….

January 13, 2012

except i haven’t been……..i’ve been feeling positively sunny!!!!!!

i have soooooooo enjoyed the quiet and being at home and not having to rush into a new year like i normally have to…….

reading lots!!!!!!

calling my boys james and ellis……james said i should get a french boyfriend to help with learning french….

i said i like english boys that french boys are ALRIGHT  and he paused  in disbelief , repeated alright like he couldn’t believe i just said that and firmly said french are better!!!

when i spoke to ellis he kept saying i have to go big waves are coming he was on the beach at a party…..

i stuck to my regime of yoga, running and chanting…..

tennis resumed this week…..

i’ve started 2012 with my bright smythsons orange dairy which matches my mood…..


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