i’m going to go be what i am…………

November 4, 2011

lisa popped over with one of her fab u lous latest dips for me and two items of clothing for me to puruse…

lisa has got a sudden interest in fashion inspired by a man….

it’s not something that comes natural to her like her dips……

i liked both tops but she ruined one with what she put on top…

i was like do you have a full length mirror???

because it baffled me that she could do that unless she didn’t….

we giggled alot!!!

she left vowing to wear marscara ONLY on her top lash…

and to put products in her hair….

i am reading scars of sweet paradise…..the life of times of janis joplin…..

doloras keeps on giving me great books to read….

after our tennis thursday the gardener asked if i would like some roses and he did the most beautiful bunch of flowers for me….

with one large friendly daisy…right in the middle…

i love it!!!

9.a.m this morning i booked tickets for twilight breaking dawn  part 1

for katherine and i…

at the electric……the day it opens…..

we can’t WAIT!!!


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