shakespeare is like bathing in the sea……….one swims where one wants

October 7, 2011

i have been slack about my blog lately…….my excuse chanting three hours a day…….and as my rising sign said for this month…

“obsessed with love affairs and romance……in such a high school mode it could actually get embarrassing”

how i laughed when i read that!!!!!!

so i have discovered the twilight movies years after everybody else and i’ve watched ALL of them….

and now i’m reading the books……and need you ask going to see the release of breaking dawn in november…

I’M JUST being TRUE to my rising sign!!!

But i did manage to drag myself away to the beach with lisa on monday we decided to make the most of this freakish HOT summer weather we had…

which is now OVER

finally i got to wear some backless tops this year!!!! JUST!!!

SO off we went to rye east sussex….

cycling to the beach…..

buying the most delicious fish on the way for our sandwiches….

lisa insisted we do a prayer for the life of the fish before we ate it…

the sea was so lovely….!!!!!!!

did a bit of yoga on the beach but its difficult on sand……

then we cycled back for dinner……

more FISH…….more PRAYERS!!!!!

i bought some art…..

and left my sunglasses there…..

i only noticed when i went to play tennis yesterday….

but luckily they are being sent to me by the lovely girl who served us…..


i arrived home to a new mat outside our front door…

with L.O.V.E. in capital letters….

how i smiled!!!


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