i have had a holiday, and i’d like to take it up professionally

August 25, 2011

chanting at mine last night…melody arrived with  daughter rio and her scooter in tow, whilst we chant she makes these crazy noises which i really like a cross between a dolphin and a fox…

well she does it when i lead the chanting…

lisa arrived back in all her holiday bliss..

back from the rainbow festival in spain….

whilst i was making herbal tea for everybody i heard her say…

“…..i spent the whole time naked and in the sun……….”

she said its weird to be wearing clothes again….she didn’t want to put them back on..

although she did in the evening due to cold and underpants for yoga…

some of those positions can be slightly compromising starkers…

when the others left…lisa stayed for a catch up and we did some archangel raphael cards…

she is a joy!!!


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