a riot is the language of the unheard

August 11, 2011

the riots was all anyone was talking about………

they weren’t near me but after watching the news on tuesday morning….

which i NEVER do….i began to wonder if i should attend my tuesday night meet….

i decided to go…….so me and my shorts went to the smallest meeting as everybody stayed home..

i have to admit i felt a bit scared and couldn’t completely relax in the meet..

we all texted each other when we were safe home……. (that’s the girl’s)!!!!

this morning walking home after my run….

i saw two policeman searching on the street a young black man…

and it made me feel sad….


2 Responses to “a riot is the language of the unheard”

  1. james said

    Sweetie, tried to call & e-mail, unsuccessful! My computer crashed the other day & I guess your new mail address isn’t saved on my laptop. Anyhoodle, Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope you had a fabulous time & all the best & lots of love for the year to come! xxx James

    • alecyss g daroy said

      darling james…..thankyou i got your message when travelling to the country……..i will email you…i swam and sunned and cycled……it was fun!!!
      love youxxxxxxxx alecyss

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