of course i have played outdoor games….i once played dominoes in an open air cafe in paris

August 4, 2011

i met my friend beverly for a catch up in a cafe……..

not paris but west london…….!!!!!!!


although i am also enjoying being home….

beverly chants too and it was after i chanted with her before i went to paris that my hour chant became one and half hours in paris…..

inspired by her…and the city…

which has turned into two hours a day since my return which i plan to keep up…

the most i have EVER chanted daily is three hours and it was amazing…

i can feel my life state soaring…already…

it was so nice to see her….

after,  my petite straw bag and i sauntered home…in sweltering heat to put my lipsticks in the fridge…

its that time of year……

today lots of lovely rain…

i went running in the deserted park……in it…

then home to a hot bath and listening to amy winehouse…

i have just finished watching the first disc of pride and prejudice with colin firth in it…

it was the french lady i met coming home who reminded me of that version..

tres romantic!!!

now for the second



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