i try to apply colors like words…….like notes that shape music

May 11, 2011

i went to see the miro exhibition at tate modern…..

i walked over the bridge from the st pauls side which is always the best way to approach…

it was sooooooooo amazing!!!!!

absorbing all those vibrations…

i imagined what i would be like to have one of those pieces in your home and to wake up to something so beautiful…and inspiring..

i also loved his sculptures….

and watched a short film by his grandson….

his studios felt like chapels….

and his housekeeper said he had a very precise timetable that never altered..

he would wake and go straight to the studio…

then break for breakfast at nine….

then back to the studio…

break for lunch at two..

then do letters and correspondence…

then back to the studio..

dinner followed by a walk…

sounds like heaven to me!!!


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