it takes a long time to make things charming

February 27, 2011

got a text from ellis saying had i seen the new prada show and he thought it was very me…

i had and am still watching it a few times….

even had a dream that i got given free prada that night even enough to give my friends some..

l remember i got a bag in every colour….the little clutches..

got my mix this morning of the song…..

really didn’t like it when i first listened to it…

after i chanted for an hour i liked it more not so critical…

i still think it can be improved alot…..

and would like to improve this..

lesson learnt i should have been at the mix and i will from now on…

i care to much about these songs to not be involved with everything…

so thats my fault…

yesterday saw my sponser and we went over my first step…

she’s brilliant…

so now its on to step two..


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