it’s all right letting yourself go as long as you can let yourself back

January 25, 2011

sooooooo much has  been happening…..

not only do i need to let go of my obsession i am now having to let go of my job….

nothing like chanting to let go and getting results….

my last day is friday…

and i’ve been feeling fine about it with twinges today as i don’t have anything lined up…

i would say i was in 90% faith..

my boss let me go as he said we didn’t make enough money in december and january and he is replacing me with someone cheaper…

i have an interview thursday so far thats all…

it’s for alot more money…

i chanted before it happened for a job with more money…

i suppose i forgot to add i ‘d like it before i leave…

MUST  MUST MUST remember those details next time!!!!!

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