whoever said you can’t buy happiness…….forgot little puppies

December 31, 2010

in the last few days…i have gone shopping for treats for me and my mothers last christmas present….

she’s away so i’m sending late..

i braved the sales and everything i wanted wasn’t on sale….

i  got prada talc…just opened it..

and two prada body lotions..

and the best pajamas for my mother…

after i went to a spiritual meet and alice was there with her new adorable puppy called treacle..

our newest member!!!

she’s booked for puppy classes too..

nic gave me a fabulous christmas present…of  two pink quartz crystals…

with orders to put them in my relationship corner of my lounge and bedroom…

i have and they are already working there magic…

she said she chose that stone for me because i have such a big heart!!!


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