a man’s face is his autobiography…..a women’s face is her work of fiction

December 10, 2010

in the last few day’s i have been to the salon….

always good!!!

shopping for myself…

delicious pajamas for christmas…

skye gyngell’s  latest cookbook…how i cook…

f scott fitzgerald hardback ,,,the beautiful and the damned in art deco cover..

prada talc for my mother it’s part one of her present….and i’m getting some for myself too..

in the studio…

i had to do my middle eight and my speaking part…

it’s cute…

the song will be finished by the end of january..

that’s the deadline and were sticking to it..


bringing it up to now…

i received a little present all the way from india..

an elephant keyring..

i added it to my work keys..

i like it..

it’s  for good luck…

karima returned from her first trip to india…

and had a spiritual reading whilst there..

and one of the things he felt compelled to tell her was

,,,love your face…

good advise i think!!!


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