i shall stay the way i am because i do not give a damn

October 21, 2010

back at the hair salon AVOIDING the blow dryer because i hate it….

i was there for a colour…

went to a meet last night when part of me soooooooo felt like staying home and being cosy….

so glad i did as was really good..

i’m writing this in bed drinking my hot chocolate…

they have become my new addiction to replace coffee…

been thinking of ellis and how its his birthday soon….

need to double check the date its today or the 23rd…

i keep on getting offered more jobs earning more money than what i am earning now…

and i’m not even looking…

my numerologist is advising me to stay where i am…

he said i’m focusing on more money and if i don’t take the jobs it will still come from a different avenue..

lets see!!!

all i can say is i am incredibly happy at the moment and everything is just so easy!!!!

i put it down to my name change without a doubt!!!

gosh i just checked the date and BOY am i out by a long shot with ellis!!!!

september 24th….the day of the wanderer…

ellis i’m so sorry…

i’m a SH**t  friend…

in my defense you know how much i love you…!!!!!

happy belated birthday..

i’m calling you xxxxxx


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