ducking for apples-change one letter and it’s the story of my life

October 9, 2010

i’ve been eating apples….there in season here….and just returned from portobello with other seasonal goodies..

all the pumpkins look amazing…i bought another new one…yellow for my buddhist set up…

went to my meet and it was really good i got up at 7a.m. and chanted for an hour before i went…

thats a first i usually don’t get up soooooo early…

it’s all the early mornings i’m doing in my new job

my body clock is used to it…

after went for hot chocolates and advise which i needed…

i had two in total….

long chat…

i’m loving the early nights…

i’m curling up with my new book auntie mame which i have just started… it’s really good.

i saw the film years ago…

it’s very funny..

i’m going to cook, have a bath and chill..

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