don’t threaten me with love baby, let’s just go walking in the rain

September 29, 2010

walked alot today…my day off but went into work for a croissant and hot chocolate as we got broke into last night….

not nice….also the first time i closed the premises….

maybe i need to put white light around the building too!!!!

got a phonecall from the police regarding my mugging…

there being very sweet and trying all angles to find the mugger…

the policeman keeps checking i’m  alright and keeps saying if i need to talk he’s there..

i keep assuring him i’m alright…

after work walked to portobello to the bank to get cash… avocadoes and my favourite salmon teriyaki salad from the grocer, such a hassle not having access to cash machines till i get my new pin..

on the way a gentleman i saw yesterday and today who say’s good morning to me…turned up again in his car…

beeping the horn…

i ignored him…

i was on the phone, then he follows me and gives me his number…

i threw it in the bin after he’d gone…

men are strange sometimes…

i’m now home and cosy and don’t feel like going out again but may for my buddhist meet..


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