i remember my mothers prayers and they have always followed me

September 22, 2010

i called my mother this morning we had a bit  of a chat on mothers and daughter’s…i’m very close to my mother…some girls are mummy’s girls i fall into that category…

i want some of my kid photo’s there’s not alot my parents were not great picture takers…

one of my favorite stories is how my mother left me with the neighbour when i was about two to return to work and i got the huff ignored her and wouldn’t eat my food until she relented and gave up work to be with me…

she said  she missed me and knew i wasn’t happy about the arrangement…

amanda came to chant with me this morning…we chanted half and hour…

i’m debating about going to a spiritual meet i feel sort of  like pottering at home..

loving the new job!!!!


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