clean as you go, drink while you cook, make it fun

September 13, 2010

i cooked for helen barnes and amanda yesterday…..

after a gorgeous dinner cooked by christine the night before in her new home complete with garden…

which we ate in…


my moules went down a treat!!!!

from skye gyngell’s book…..a year in my kitchen,,,

so delicious and i made my own fries….first time and they were super…

followed heston blumenthal’s version..

lots of chit chat and we did a bit of chanting before lunch.

i sang the girls my new song as i’m sticking to marks request of NOT playing to anyone until finished..

was so tempting as i got home on saturday to the finished vocal..

just need to add another bit..

they love it…

amanda said it’s a hit…

i  also found out today i have a job….

i’m sooooooo pleased…it’s local again…even closer and i manifested it in a week….

pretty good…

it suits me…

i actually had a dream on saturday that i was working there and got offered it monday…

very grateful..

always want more money especially for my songs…

but it will come…

lawrence said to write how much i need and the date to finish my song and put it in the kitchen..

i’ll do that tomorrow..

amanda said lawrence …… my new guru..


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