it is the friends that you can call up at 4a.m. that matter

August 30, 2010

went to the saturday meet as usual…..

went for talk and lunch and hot chocolates after with a wise friend from the meet…

we talked about my lesson on the job and how this experience is a gentler and faster version of what happened before…

but didn’t take six months to materialize…

she said it’s about respect and the person i am working for presently behaved dishonorably…

she said if he asks me to stay REALLY don’t..

trust the universe….

my higher power…

my gohonzon…

will step in with something better..

i’m enjoying my last day’s and giving my best…

we also talked of l.o.v.e.

this is the person who had the dream about me with the baby girl….

i asked what age as the dream i had it was a little baby..

she said she was a toddler and had long dark hair and looked like me…



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