my idea of superwomen is someone who scrubs her own floors

August 27, 2010

came home last night and cleaned my apartment whilst listening to an old boy george tune generations of love…watched the new mui mui campaign and it reminded me how much i loved that song…

it has been raining practically non stop….

i was singing coming home from a women’s buddhist meet… that was alright……there not great i have to admit…

i kept getting the urge to want  to leave..

and a man said to me…

it takes a special kind of women to sing in the rain…


that day my boss had a talk with me and he doesn’t want to keep me…

two reason’s the girl that was meant to be leaving isn’t and he doesn’t think i suit big venue’s..

i disagree..

oh… and i didn’t wow him…

i was misssing the wow factor……

i was fine i think he was surprised…

reminded me of when a boyfriend say’s…i don’t thnk this is working and to his surprise instead of begging for a second chance..

your bright and breezy about it and the wonder if they made the right decision?

he said i could stay till i get another job but that sounds so vague so i got him to be more clear and i’m finishing next week..

have no bad feelings towards him..

enjoying being there and have NO DOUBT that i will be going on to something even better..

i’m off now for an interview..

my goal to have something by the time i leave…

i shall!!!!

had breakfast with marie cybelle this morning at our usual haunt baker and spice…

she looks great…

she’s  back in paris on monday and will send me an eiffel tower as a late birthday present..

she can choose the size..


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