this is the short and the long of it

July 28, 2010

i got my cover letter yesterday for my job and it said i have to wear tops with sleeves…so tops with sleeves it is….

also i’m getting paid less money for the first month…..didn’t know that when i said yes and it annoyed me slightly… more than slightly…

i rang my numerologist…..

i rang a buddhist leader….

i sent ellis an email…

then i made a decision…

i went…. i’m on a month’s trail and that’s for me to see as well as them….

i also booked studio time to record one of my songs for the 9th of august….

i don’t know him..

i found him through ads and had a gut feeling and listened to his stuff and liked it…

chatted to him and have paid for half the studio time already…

never underestimate your intuition!!!!

mine is always right…


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