sunday clears away the rust of the whole week

July 26, 2010

i woke early on sunday….chanted then made myself eggs..

tried calling ellis to give him my good new’s no reply but he called my back later not knowing i’d tried to call him…

he was in a taxi on the way to the beach for a two day break…

i also got a lovely email from suzanne congratulating me and mentioning that i didn’t add that my job is local….

something that is a real plus for moi!!!!

i like to be in my manor so to speak..

i got the sundays and chanted for four hours total…

as i missed the day before…

i also rang my numerologist to give him the good new’s and he said it’s just the beginning…

i am getting such an amazing response since i changed my name that i was wondering if i should???

could???? keep looking for something with even MORE  money…

he said no…

instead now concentrate on my music and visualizing recording my song’s..

he said he looks forward to my album!!


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