all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream

July 25, 2010

o.k. great new’s…….i got the job and start this week and it’s more money than my last job and i love the place…

all good!!!!

very proud of myself!

last few days i’ve been catching up with the girls at cafe’s in between more interviews..

saw marie cybelle who was in town for a week from her beloved paris…

she said she can’t wait to get back there and have a cigarette…

we met at our usual haunt baker and spice…

went to my buddhist group meet later and loved it……

met adelya the next morning before the sat ur day meet…

then after went for organic lemonade with someone i really like and respect from the meet..

she said she had a dream about me the previous night and i had a little girl (baby) with dark hair…

so far that ‘s two people dreaming about me being pregnant…

another friend did a couple of months ago too!

my psychic predicted i would have a little girl with the man i’m very drawn to but not with (yet)

and i also had a dream that he came to meet me with a baby girl that was ours before my physic predicted it…

so time will tell?


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