ice cream is exquisite-what a pity it isn’t illegal

July 10, 2010

today….i got up rang ellis….he sounded as hot as i felt…..working finishing a winter jacket for client..

i went off to my saturday meet in one of ellis dresses…..the shirt dress…

first outing….

i wanted to wear it with just underwear under it but thought it might be a bit provocative….

after the meet adele who is also changing her name…to adelya…much nicer!!!

and i went for icecream…it’s just opened next to the electric…

we sat in the park and ate them….

i felt much better after the meet…

maybe it was saying how i felt….disappointed at the work outcome and fearful regardless of the extra chanting…

even adelya saying how bad the economy is didn’t dampen my mood…

i’m in my g for gains….name wise so where are they?????

she said nice things too…

after we went to the grocer for drinks….me homemade lemonade without icecube’s they didn’t have any and green tea..

i took my slip off….too hot and i like it with just underwear under it unless it colder..

bought my vegetables and yummy treats…

got home and had a buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad with fresh basil…

have just finished chanting two hours…

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