playing house

July 8, 2010

With the black and white photography, the combination of lace and other fabrics, and even the fact that its Madonna, the images can’t help but be relatable yet intriguing at the same time. Domenico Dolce so accurately expressed, “It’s a testament that fashion is part of life and not vice versa.” With a mid-summer U.S. release (July 13th), Madonna is sure to be heating up the already sweltering hot summer months leading into the fall.i’ve been hanging at home today….chanting…..organizing a new phone because i dropped my new phone on sunday and there sending me a new one free of charge….


changing my name on my  british vogue  subscription….

applying for job’s….

posted my new name credentials to my mobile phone company…

(i think that is EVERYTHING…name wise now)

checking out the new madonna pictures which of course i love!!!!

Living la dolce vita: Madonna goes back to her Italian roots in new advert

reading american vogue….

posting a  get well soon card to my psychic as he isn’t well….

chanted for an hour….make that two

watching the changeling with angelina jolie…

which i loved….

now i’m about to have some fresh sweetcorn


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