follow the yellow brick road

June 28, 2010

i went on a women’s buddhist course on saturday….

i got the train there on my own and past the yellow fields i passed on the way to paris….

it was lovely going on my own although i was late (slightly)…..

i sat in first class with my feet up and hot chocolate and just felt the soothingness of ¬†everything whizzing by…

the course was fantastic…..

i had great guidance with a japanese women called betty…

about work, and the man i like….

it was very fast as we didn’t have much time…

she agreed about me not asking him out…


i knew that was right….and said he definitely likes me..

i just need to send signals which i’m starting to and chant for us to be alone…

the work thing was also great…

i bumped into her when leaving the course and she said married by christmas…

she is hilarious!!!

i have come back positified!!!!!



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