you never get a second chance to make a first impression

June 27, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and The City 2’Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and The City 2’

i went and saw sex and the city again last week…..also again at the electric….

adele came with me….

we had a glass of shampoo (champagne) which made adele go to the toilet alot as she never drinks..

another friend was meant to come with me but we had a disagreement and she decided not too…

it was funny because adele was with us and thinking she would love to see sex and the city 2…… little knowing that’s what the universe had in mind…

we both loved it….

i could see it again and will on dvd….

after we went to e & o for one drink…

fizzy water in adele’s case….

gerri halliwell was there looking stunning with new blonde bob and short dress that showed off her legs…

i also saw elaine….who saw the movie with me the first time…having cocktails with the girls…

patrica field is sooooo talented…


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