a fish may love a bird but where would they live?

June 3, 2010

on my last night in paris we did movie’s and dinner….

we were debating between robin hood and date night, marie cybelle and i both like russell crowe which is  unusual because everyone else i know thinks he’s a rug a thug……..also a friend of marie cybelles had one line in the film so support a friend was another reason…

instead marie cybelle won rock scissors’ paper (my first time playing it) as we couldn’t make a decision…

and went to date night instead…

mark wahlberg was hilarious in it…

after asian food…..

and we sat right by the fish tank…for good feng shui…

marie cybelle’s boyfriend met us for dinner and he’s soooooo nice….

very into her……

even though she is on the alert for too much couple together behavior…


non it’s paris!!!!

he gave me a c.d. of the new singer they have signed to there label..

kyrie kristmanson…


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