to err is human to loaf is parisian

May 14, 2010

so……it’s official i have drunk more since i have been in paris than i have done the whole year….

five glasses yesterday….

wine with lunch….dinner and before dinner…

and today a glass and a half….

we just got back from dinner at the local moroccan restaurant which is like being in someone’s living room…

very cute….

the neighbor told me off for giggling and being loud when we climbed the stairs to marie cybelles apartment….

today we went for lunch at the best bistro near marie cybelles….. i love it…

i got to mix my own hot chocolate which so impresses me…

i got a jug of chocolate and a jug of milk….heaven…

and the skills of the waiter….

what he could do with his tray…


i had an apple juice and marie cybelle not very french…

after we went to see the lucien freud exhibition which was amazing….

i love the colour palette he chooses…….

why is paris so romantic?????

love is important here….


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