he who would travel happily must travel light

May 12, 2010

i’ve just got home and i have to pack for paris…

it’s been a crazy couple of days…

i got mugged two days ago…he was trying to steal my beloved marc jacobs bag and prada purse that the boys bought me…

i fought back….


i have scrapes on my foot and one on my eye as he dragged me down the pavement for a bit!!!

i won and he gave up….

did the whole police bit and they took my bag for dusting….

dropped it off to work today…..

the policeman said all the office was talking about it…

he said they always say don’t put up a fight…

but they all thought it was brilliant i did!!!

so lets hope they catch him…

went to a meet tonight as won’t be attending any in paris…

keep me topped up…

had hot chocolates with a friend before….

and was bought  a yummy dinner after at lucky seven..

so i am way behind on the packing….

my aim is to keep it light…..

here goes…

p.s. james you are a darling man…..thanks for the missed calls and email…

love you!!!


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