a dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to take it off you

May 8, 2010

i feel fantastic…full of energy…

i went to my saturday meet as usual this morning and wore another dress from ellis this one made me think of mad men and it got lots of compliments….

it was it’s first public outing….

it’s an amazing colour………like a beige lilac…

it’s just tricky to get on and off but totally worth it…

picked up goodies from portobello and came straight home and called ellis but he was asleep……..hong kong time…

popped round the corner for a hair colour not at my usual mayfair salon….

need a top for paris and so practicality won out….

chic it was NOT!!!!

i just read grazia magazine and was out of there fast…..

then i had to use the laundromat round the corner as my washing machine is still not fixed i’ve got another engineer coming monday and let’s hope he doesn’t go on about the water pressure and how it’s non existent!!!

just wave your magic wand and fix it….PLEASE!!!!

so the clothes can get washed…..


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